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  1. How do you like your Icon 2.5 exp shocks?

    Just looking for some feedback on icons 2.5 exp shocks from people actually running them. I haven’t seen much…how do they compare to the stock Sasquatch bilstiens? Obviously are larger and will fade less when run hard….
  2. Self Built Bronco Sliders Using Bender & Welder

    The ford sliders didn’t really offer much protection at all….I did order and try another brand but they weren’t much better and I wasn’t a fan. Most of the ones I like have ridiculous lead times so I broke out the bender and came up with my own. I had everything on hand in my shop except the...
  3. Colorado Sold: Sasquatch take offs

    5-Tires, rims and tpms - $2350 2k miles, few minor scratches from wheeling. Not sure I really want to deal with shipping. Located in Pueblo west, CO 81007.
  4. Demos on Colorado front range?

    What dealers on the Colorado front range actually have their demos on site? Prefer one that would let me drive it of course and the farther south the better. I’m not gonna lie I’m thinking of jumping ship for a rubicon but would actually like to see a bronco in person to see if it’s worth the wait.