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  1. My 2 1/2 year old grandson got me rigged up with recovery gear

    Who need Matt's Off Road recovery gear when you have a 2 1/2 year old grandson? First weekend to visit him with the Bronco and he loves it. We have examined all of the horses on it. He is fascinated by the start up screen.
  2. The Blood Institute has spoken. Bronco > Jeep

    I got this t-shirt for donating Blood today. Would a blood donor who owns a Jeep wear this?
  3. [Update: Tentative Deal Reached 9/15 to Avoid Strike!] Bronco rail train loading suspended as of 9/14 (Impending Rail Strike / Lockout)

    Updated 9/15/22: Tentative Deal Reached to Avoid Strike! The White House has struck a tentative deal to avoid a rail strike that threatened massive disruption across the United States...
  4. F150 Lightning 2023 Build and Price is up and prices are way up

  5. Modular Front Bumper vs. Aftermarket Alternatives

    I finally have a scheduled build date for my Badlands Bronco which is being built without the modular front bumper. I have been checking with my dealer and they can get me a Modular front bumper for about $800. I have the high package so that include the front parking sensors. It is ironic...
  6. Ford's Ouija Board of Constraints

    FWIW I have a 2 Door Badlands; 2.3, 7MT, High and Tow on order. I have had the same Bronco on order for over a year now (2021 converted to a 2022 order). I finally decided to remove the tow package from my order this week. Dealer contacted Ford Rep to change the order. Ford Rep said tow...
  7. 4 Door Badlands Sasquatch Uber

    Saw this Uber at a Minneapolis hotel tonight.
  8. A Bird in the Hand. What would you do? Update - Passed on the Black Diamond

    I have two reservations (July 2020) and two orders. This was from back when Ford's rules said if you wanted to change models you needed to have a second reservation. I have a good relationship with my dealer and orders were placed for both reservations. - I decided on a 2 door BL 2.3 7MT...
  9. Focus Forward Study for Ford Motor Company?

    Has anyone else been hit up with an email from Focus Forward that you have been selected for a "paid" market research study for Ford Motor Company? I am very leery of any of these type of emails but if this is legit and I can provide Ford with honest feedback about the Bronco (I'm assuming it...
  10. Austin Off-Roadeo, Auto Start/Stop and other observations

    I attended the Austin Off-Roadeo over the weekend have a few observations. Selecting off road Goat modes or engaging 4 wheel drive must disable the Auto Start/Stop. I was thinking that it was the A/C running on full max that kept the engines running but then noticed the Auto Start/Stop...
  11. No more Manual Transmission Broncos at the Austin Off-Roadeo

    Just arrived at the Austin Off-Roadeo and asked about getting a manual transmission to drive. Apparently all the MT Broncos have been returned to Ford with clutches burned out. The staff said that too many people attending didn’t really know how to drive a stick and kept burning the clutches...
  12. Mecum Auction July 31 Market value of a new OBX Bronco is $78,100 with buyers premium

    Mecum Auction has this Bronco Consigned. Update 7/31. This OBX just sold for $71,000 on the block so that translates to $78,100 with the buyers premium. Auction is Saturday July 31. LOT S80.1 Dealer Accessory pack 2A
  13. Poll: Would you prefer a MY21 Bronco built in the last month or a MY22 Bronco built in the first month?

    About 17% of the 2021 Broncos produced will be made in the last month of production. So for those of us still waiting for our golden ticket email and to occupy our time before we get the Ford ETA email in May, I have a question.
  14. Cargo Capacity, Cupholders and Other Tidbits (With Tape Measure & Props). Photos from Kansas

    I brought some props with me for pictures at the Kansas Rocks event. These are the same red 4 door Broncos that toured St Louis, are in Kansas City now and are heading to Omaha, Springfield and Arkansas. The event crew hosting the roadshow were great and super helpful. - Edit - Since I don't...
  15. Which of the Bronco Deadly Sins is the Greatest?

    Ok B6G Theologians (and hopefully some folks with real inside information). Which of the Bronco deadly sins is the most likely to delay your production build? We should refer to this sin as "Pride". I extracted the data from the B6G orders thread to get this started. I excluded data from the...
  16. What is this Acquisition Fee in B&P now?

    I have been building the exact same Badlands build for the past three months. Total is always $47,630. I even saved one four days ago for $47,630. Tonight I go into B&P and the exact same build is $50 more at $47,640 and there is a $645 Acquisition Fee. I am thinking that somehow Ford has...