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  1. Bronco Enthusiasts of Connecticut

    I can’t make it but I’m here for this type of planning. Share pics bc we’ve been looking into making a weekend trip out there
  2. Why is Bestop Trek soft top priced $1,000 more on Ford website vs. Bestop site?

    I would check on this - I think it’s dealer specific. I assumed that this was the case and I got it quoted through a local ford dealership but they were going to charge an installation fee on top of this. The dealership I bought my truck from would not charge an additional fee Like everyone...
  3. New Product Release: IAG I-Line Mud Flaps

    These are great looking! @IAG Performance are you guys having a Black Friday sale? if I’m getting flaps, can I get a deal on steps too? Sweeten the deal! Lol jk on the rhetoric but serious on the Black Friday sale question!
  4. Bronco Enthusiasts of Connecticut

    @TomH haha I hear that! Happy spouse happy house! When my wife and I reach 40 years, she’s going to need more than steps… she’ll have earned a Nobel Prize or Sainthood!
  5. Bronco Enthusiasts of Connecticut

    Welcome to the group! I’m in a similar boat with the rock rails / running boards (2dr Badlands, High Pkg) but Im considering the IAG steps bc of the pinch weld being exposed with the OEM steps Just wanted to mention it in case it’s something you hadn’t considered or noticed!
  6. Bronco Enthusiasts of Connecticut

    Good to see a BRaptor making it to CT!
  7. What do Tube Doors look like with plastic cover removed?

    Maybe that’s on me for thinking he was asking for the picture to know if he *could* remove them. Their reputation is that of having low quality welds so I don’t see a more obvious location for the tubes to be joined together into a continuous piece (and I say that with the intention of buying...
  8. What do Tube Doors look like with plastic cover removed?

    I would assume those are structural, no? I’d bet the forward and aft portions are joined in that plastic
  9. GoPro Camera & App Privacy

    @contented Edit: fixing some grammar mistakes and an incomplete sentence - using the mobile website is tricky for long posts. this is a hot debate in today’s world so finding good, trustworthy information is hard to do! Here’s my 2 cents: Your concerns are very valid. People don’t think about...
  10. Bronco Enthusiasts of Connecticut

    @WranglerArctic I think you can only do one - i think that’s a rule (you can only attend the Off Roadeo once per vin which is why a used bronco is a bit of a tough spot when it comes to off Roadeo)
  11. Price Protection Nightmare

    Hey, I was in the same boat - they had to send in a request to FoMoCo, I believe. I can't remember if I paid up front and am receiving a check or if they gave me the discount and are keeping the rebate... (I know.. I know.. I should remember but if there was a check to be sent, I wrote down a...
  12. Bronco Enthusiasts of Connecticut

    @CT203 amen to that! I mostly just don’t want the sludge we use on the roads up here to rot it out. I’m a SoCal native so I have dreams of throwing some lights on, a surfboard up top, and using it as a beach cruiser for years and years. I’ve always loved classic cars (like just about everyone)...
  13. Bronco Enthusiasts of Connecticut

    @WranglerArctic where did you mount your ARB compressor? I’ve seen the mounts for behind the spare (which I really like) but part of me wants to throw it under the hood to use for one of those old timey Aooooooga horns lol If I’m going to drive a monster truck, I feel like I need to let my...
  14. Things I wish I knew before going to a Bronco Off-Roadeo - add yours

    AirBnb worked well in New Hampshire! We went with friends who were in different groups originally. They let us swap around but we didn’t realize our departure times were different until the day before. Also, bring a backpack with your snacks and such. You’ll be in an out and stopped but having...
  15. e-Bronco - Thoughts?

    I’d be 100% in for an EV Bronco! Could you imagine the Bronco with that type of acceleration on the streets and torque control on the trails? Granted, you’ll have some limitations on range on the trails but don’t we all have some limitations lol My only concern would be the overall weight of...
  16. Bronco Enthusiasts of Connecticut

    @SavSqch i appreciate you having my back! @CT203 No harm, no foul! Mines a summer car that I want to keep for a long, long time so I stored it away to use my Daily Driver in the winter
  17. Bronco Enthusiasts of Connecticut

    @CT203 haha I don’t know about “better in the snow” but “older and already subjected to rust and salt” is more appropriate
  18. Bronco Enthusiasts of Connecticut

    There are quite a few of us! I just put mine away for the winter but come spring time, I could be talked into a series of meetups around CT Breweries! Gotta get that CTBeer Passport stamped!
  19. Pocket Lights - Mod Bumper

    Ambers down there are also referred to as “chase lights” and are good when you’re following another vehicle off road. You can get enough light to see without absolutely blinding them. Also good for snow / heavy rain like @Crash98 mentioned. Justin B McBride has a killer good demo on his...