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  1. Heated Steering Wheel deletes

    As others said, the stock temperature is pretty low. Default for the 2016 Flex/MKT was 68°F while 2017 Explorer Platinum was 92°F. I changed my Flex to 76°F and it feels decent. Looks like the Bronco no longer has a dedicated HSWM anymore and temperature is stored in PSCM -- default is 35°C...
  2. What's on your Bronco Christmas Wish List?

    My wife wants the KC lightbar but $2,000 is a bit much for something she'll never actually use. I was hoping she'd be interested in those suma mirror replacements. Not much is available cheap yet for the Bronco, everyone needs volume to make up for R&D Usually how it works out, eh...
  3. Recall: Rearview Camera issue fix coming via OTA over-the-air software update

    You won't lose the rear-delay feature. That's separate from this issue. Since Sync uses canbus messages to determine when to display the cameras, I'm guessing there's a unique value that only occurs in very specific scenarios that they forgot to account for, so Sync doesn't realize you're not...
  4. Quick Survey - Bronco or Defender?

    Just for giggles, we tried doing a build-and-price on a Discovery. The site had very little information and I couldn't even figure out what *colors* were available. I'm guessing you need to go to a dealer and I'm not the kind of person to deal with that level of pretension.
  5. Show me your 3D printed accessories. 3D Prints for Bronco Enthusiasts.

    I don't remember why i did that. Maybe my thought was that those ribs would bridge easily and act as joists for the full bottom bridging, versus it going the full width. I also didn't consider using support blockers to have a single narrow support in the middle instead of the entire thing
  6. 2 Door Bronco- small gas tank annoying?

    300 miles to a tank isn't much worse than the 350 my Flex could do. I'm used to frequently fillups. My previous work truck (18 Silverado V6 4x2) could hit 550 on a tank. Good times.
  7. Show me your 3D printed accessories. 3D Prints for Bronco Enthusiasts.

    🤷‍♂️ I have the same printer, been using it to make car mods and work tools. Rearview mirror adapter to retrofit lanekeeping on my Flex, application-specific templates and tools for work, stencils for my wife's arts and crafts, towel hook for the shower door, tool holders in the garage...
  8. I crushed my tailpipe at Txbronc busters off-road event

    I keep getting offers from Ford to attend an Off-Roadeo. Like, I'm in Wisconsin -- all four locations are between 19 and 23 hours away from me.
  9. Show me your 3D printed accessories. 3D Prints for Bronco Enthusiasts.

    Dashcam mount because adhesive won't stick to the plastic and the cable kept forcing the camera to be unlevel [ STL on Thingiverse ] Blanking plate for the accessory hitch 4-pin mount [ STL on Thingiverse ] Cap for the socket wrench so the metal end isn't slapping against expensive glass [...
  10. what else do you ride around in(or on)?

    My baby is still a 2016 Flex EcoBoost with a 91 performance tune and retrofit massaging seats / fridge / lanekeeping / front camera. Work truck is a refreshed 2022 Silverado LT. I like the full LCD instrument cluster and the 14" touchscreen is nice, but the Android infotainment is annoying at...
  11. Broken APIM Black screen Band-Aid

    I'm curious if the Lightning gets a different APIM. Work offered me one and let me go on a little joyride, one of the things I noticed is despite it and my Bronco both being 2022s with 12" screens, the overall look-and-feel is slightly different. The Bronco doesn't have rounded buttons or a...
  12. Complete Ford Accessories vs what’s posted on website???

    It seems to change often, between what's on the Build and Price and what's on the Accessories site. Things like the sill plates moved between them. GM is worse about it. Their "accessories" include the entire Adams Polishes catalog, one item at a time -- yeah lemme order a single microfiber...
  13. Ford + Google = No Thank You. Ford Navigation to be Powered by Android Starting 2023

    I just got a 2022 Silverado with the Android-based infotainment. It's dogshit. Laggy beyond belief, taking 5-8 seconds to load pages at times. I've had it take over 20 seconds to change tracks. Like, not just "the audio is lagging" -- I press the button and my phone doesn't get the Next...
  14. How is freeway driving at or over 75MPH

    2dr SAS, you have more wind noise but it's just as stable as my 22 Silverado. I've hit 95 passing people and it still felt solid. It's honestly shocking how well it handles interstate speeds
  15. Switching out of camera mode in 4WD Low

    It'd be nice if certain views weren't locked out by mode. There's times a front tire spotter view would be handy *without* being in 4low Ditto. I should look into how feasible it'd be to set an Arduino to "if speed is low and front sensors are detecting, send camera request". That or...
  16. Driver Window Streaks

    I'm dealing with horizontal streaks, as if there's grease or wax across the entire width of the threshold. Short of buying a new threshold....?
  17. Driver Window Streaks

    I'm running out of ideas here. Ever since we bought this car, the driver's window has developed horizontal streaking when you open it partway. It's on the exterior and cleans off easily enough with Windex, but still unsightly. I removed the exterior threshold seal and cleaned that multiple...
  18. Forscan vs. 2022 Bronco

    They're still adding support for 2022, Ford must be making some changes. 2.3.47 had issues writing to DDM/PDM which was resolved in 2.3.48, though PSCM editing still has issues.
  19. Front license plate ticket?

    Mercury pulled over twice in Wisconsin (once being a bored cop) for no front plate. Flex has never been pulled over. Not putting a plate on the Bronco. Oddly no cop has ever said anything about the illegal tint on any of these cars.
  20. Is there a way to TRACK your bronco when it is on a convoy?

    It seems to vary. The main tracking links we've seen are for proper semi haulers. Mine was on smaller "heavy duty pickup" hauler or something because it arrived at the dealership 3 days after getting Built status (9 days after Blend date). Never saw an In Transit status.