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  1. Digital displays suddenly very dim

    I would take it in to get looked at by the dealer. my Bronco does something similar but it only stays dim for a second or two. I am currently getting the radio/infotainment unit replaced.
  2. Instrument Cluster and Touchscreen Flickering

    This issue is happening well after the sun is up or as the sun is starting to set. I did notice once that it went super dark before switching to dark mode when I was under covered parking and shutting it off. The dealer is replacing some connectors and some other parts.
  3. Instrument Cluster and Touchscreen Flickering

    So my Bronco has started doing this thing where sometimes the touchscreen or both the touchscreen and instrument cluster flicker. They get super bright and washed out with white for a second or two and then revert to normal. Typically this occurs only once within the first few minutes of driving...
  4. To Throw Stones Or Not To Throw Stones, SAS Is The Question -- Mickey Thompson Baja Boss vs Toyo Open Country tires

    I have the 4WP steps and they deflect any of the rocks that are thrown from the front tires.
  5. Looking for Rock Rails

    The 4WP steps are great for preventing people from hitting the side with doors and shopping carts. Getting in and out takes a bit of getting used to as there is no grab handle where you could really use it. The other benefit of the 4WP steps is that they are great for deflecting rocks. I have...
  6. *** DIRT MOUNTAIN Broncos - Built, Shipped, Delivered Tracker***

    My Bronco never went to dirt mountain but it has been delivered for almost 2 months now.
  7. CYBER ORANGE Bronco Club

    Stop reminding me I have to wash mine, I live in the city and they are doing loads of construction around where I live so the dust just accumulates. I could wash it every day and it would not be enough.
  8. Cyber Orange remorse?

    I feel like Cyber Orange needs a stripe to break up all the color. RiderGraphix has a ton of variety for stripes and you can even customize them.
  9. Looking for Rock Rails

    I have the OEM rock rails off my 4 door Badlands. I swapped them out for the 4WP steps and have them sitting in storage.
  10. 🛠 8/2/21 build Week Thread

    I went to check my mail today and found keys that did not go to the oversized mail box, they went to this.
  11. Hammock swag gift thread

    I haven't received my hammock yet but this did just come in the mail today.

    ah ok i figured out how to get to the store, i thought there would be a button for it or something.

    where on the website though? i see the bronco builds but nothing that would be like a shopping cart. do you have to email or call with what you want? I couldn't figure out how to buy the stripes so I bought some similar ones from another company.

    How were you able to order the stripes? I want to get pricing on the color matched fenders and wheels for my Sasquatch tires.
  15. Here we go!! New Special Decor Across the Hood Graphics kits Now Available!!!

    are there any examples of the gloss black on the website?
  16. Here we go!! New Special Decor Across the Hood Graphics kits Now Available!!!

    are the stripes shown the flat black or gloss black?
  17. Here we go!! New Special Decor Across the Hood Graphics kits Now Available!!!

    Very nice! trying to decide between the second and the third before i make a purchase. My build is also a 4 door Badlands, soft top with Sasquatch so this makes it really easy for me.
  18. 🛠 8/2/21 build Week Thread

    My Bronco was a 08/05 5271 blend. I have a CO 4 door Badlands with Sas and soft top.
  19. 🛠 8/2/21 build Week Thread

    i got my built email early this morning but so far none of the websites have updated to reflect this yet.
  20. 🛠 8/2/21 build Week Thread

    i'm just baffled my badlands soft top hasn't shipped, i can't imagine what is holding it up