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  1. ⚠ Tube Doors! By Mabett??? 👀

    These were the other designs. i'm on his facebook page. he drops all his stuff there first and asks for inputs on stuff or ideas for products
  2. It really needed this 🤨 Underhood Lights

    any better pics? looks pretty cool
  3. It really needed this 🤨 Underhood Lights

    where did you get that mountain decal on the dash by the bronco lettering?
  4. Replacement Grille Paint DIY or Shop?

    i have one of those amazon wildtrak style on my badlands. I liked the gloss black better than the grey so i have the badlands one hanging up in the garage :D
  5. Ford Recalls making anyone nervous?

    Not worried in the slightest. If it gets one, i'll get it fixed and move on.
  6. Rattle can spray paint Carbonized Gray color match???

    Go to most automotive places that sell paints. They can mix up carbonized grey off a CG paint code.
  7. Michigan WTB Badlands/Wild track front grille

    Too bad you weren't closer to MN. Itd cost a lot to ship
  8. Screen ProTech is Back! Now With Bronco Raptor Screen Protection Film

    I have a screenprotech kit in mine from early 2022. I installed them in June of this year when i took delivery. I didn't know the radio piece was matte and i was very happy to find out it was when it was delivered. I paid for the spare just in case. Easy install and looks great. i have polarized...
  9. Bad oil pan on 2.7 engine

    Just have them check inside the plug hole and make sure the little tabs are in there. They are what the plastic plug threads onto. Mine didn't have any. I noticed a spot of oil on the ground so i looked up there and saw the plug was out a little. i twisted it back in and it was sealed. Then i...
  10. Bad oil pan on 2.7 engine

    I was the other one. After I read the first guys post I let Ford do my first change. I did, however, notice the area around my drain plug had some oil seepage. They inspected and noticed the inside of the pan the tabs didn't exist..i don't think this is common. Mine was 100% covered under...
  11. Not many things I hate more than thieves.....

    The one in the mustang burned to death? Justice is served. Can't stand thieves
  12. Soft Top Roof Rack Prototype -- any interest in this?

    very cool setup. personally i don't have a current need but i think its great for the soft top crowd that needs something like that. I appreciate the design functionality
  13. Reno dealership has 18 broncos listed on their website as in transit, all minimum of $20,000 over sticker.

    i know my local dealership has two Outer Banks in stock and they do have them marked up but one was a mannequin and the other was an order a person backed out from. That being said, they aren't firm on those markups. The head guy has flat out said they aren't marking up customer orders at all...
  14. First Look: ORACLE Lighting accent lighting for Bronco Dash

    What ignition source do you have it tapped into?
  15. Dream Garage complete!

    beautiful pair
  16. North Carolina WTS-Black Diamond optional wheels

    That's a killer deal. Best of luck and free bump.
  17. Retro/new emblems

    Who are you talking to?