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  1. Not gonna lie...starting to get cold feet.

    I'm in the cold feet camp. While I really like the look of the new Bronco, I drive a 2006 Jeep Liberty now - so I can obviously tolerate a lot of discomfort. I might just wait and get a used one in a couple of years, let someone else take the depreciation hit, and let the aftermarket folks catch-up.
  2. Nitpicking due to frustration? More comfort and security features should be standard

    Eh, I'm not too concerned. Of course, none of my vehicles have any of this fancy stuff (2006 Jeep LIbery, 2014 Honda Pilot) - well I guess the Pilot has a backup camera (which is nice for that shoe box). Maybe I just haven't been spoiled by these feature yet, but it really isn't an issue for me...
  3. Airing up (after airing down for camping and offroading)?

    I used to use a plug-in air compressor to the cigarette lighter to air back up after off-roading back in the day with my Jeep. Get done with the trail, stop, air-up and head home. Some people have onboard air as well (yet to be seen where that's going to fit on the Bronco, but I'm sure someone...
  4. What song / music will you be playing in first drive of your Bronco?

    Sympathy for the Devil, the Guns and Roses version.
  5. Did anyone not get the survey?

    No survey for me. 2 Door Black Diamon reserved.
  6. Question for the skilled rock crawler/overlander

    I used to do some medium difficulty rock crawling out in Arizona with my daily driver. A good driver can do a lot (not that I was a good one - I watched or rode with some amazing drivers though). I've also watched stock Jeeps do more than what you would think they can do if you've never been...
  7. Spiders if I always leave the top off?

    I had a Wrangler in Arizona and went for about a year without a full top on it. I never had an issue out there with bugs moving into the Jeep. It was parked outdoors, but it was a daily driver, so it was never stationary for too long.
  8. Going Topless for the First Time

    When I lived in Arizona I didn't have a top on the Jeep for weeks at a time. I didn't live in a great area of town and never really had trouble with it. With that said, my Jeep wasn't brand new and did a good amount of rock crawling with it, so it had some battle scars. So while lifted, locked...
  9. Bronco vs. Wrangler: Who cares?

    I don't mind reading reasonable comparisons between the two. But I don't need the sensationalism comparisons (i.e. 'Can your [Wrangler|Bronco] do this?!'). And I don't think there is a "right" choice. Go with the one that suits you best. I've owned a Jeep Wrangler (lifted and locked) and I've...
  10. new and excited to go BRONCO

    Ha! Yeah - my thoughts on color change on a near-weekly basis as well!
  11. Why are you choosing 2 or 4 door Bronco? Which will have better resale value?

    Yes! I actually enjoy the bouncy rough ride as well in some of the 4x4 vehicles I've had. Currently driving an older Jeep Liberty with some slightly oversized, loud all-terrains - gives the vehicle a bit of a rougher feel. And all the glorious road noise of the hum of the tires on the road. I...
  12. Why are you choosing 2 or 4 door Bronco? Which will have better resale value?

    I sometimes forget that most of my real off-roading days and topless/doorless experience was out in AZ. We plan on moving back in another few years, so I keep framing decisions with that in mind instead of based on what Ohio weather brings!
  13. Badlands-Sasquatch with no Added Tech Options

    Today I am leaning towards Badlands, no Sasquatch. It seems like that package gets me all the suspension items II want, and leaves an easy path to 35's in the future when I would want 35's (moving back to AZ). With or without Sasquatch I don't see myself upgrading to a higher tech package than...
  14. Badlands-Sasquatch with no Added Tech Options

    Yeah - I am seriously leaning towards the Badlands now. Still trying to decide on Sasquatch - mainly because I'm in Ohio now and while we have plans to move back to AZ, I think that will happen after I wear the factory tires out and I can upgrade to 35's later. (I really don't *need* 35's in Ohio).
  15. Why are you choosing 2 or 4 door Bronco? Which will have better resale value?

    Ah! When I ran doorless all the time I was in the Southwest (AZ), which probably explains why it wasn't a major deal to me to not have doors even on camping trips!
  16. Why are you choosing 2 or 4 door Bronco? Which will have better resale value?

    Can someone explain the attraction to having the doors in the vehicle? Keep in mind I used run my Jeep Wrangler for months at a time without doors (and never had them with me). What am I missing?
  17. How is everyone doing?

    Whew! Been a crazy week. The day job is coming up on launch next week - and as I told folks "we have literally jumped off a cliff and building the airplane on the way down" - but based on the questions I've had this week at work - they thought I was kidding!!! :LOL::LOL::LOL: And day job has...
  18. Who has the leverage in all this: Buyer or Dealer?

    Love it! "rip-off protection"! That's about how I feel!
  19. Which Model for Salt Life Sticker?

    You'd be looking for the Bronco Sport. :LOL::LOL::LOL:
  20. Badlands-Sasquatch with no Added Tech Options

    I'm reserved as a BD trim right now, but will likely do Badlands (still deciding on Squatch). Really - if I could get the Base with the Rubber flooring and marine vinyl seats with Sasquatch (to get the suspension upgrades) I think I'd be set. I'd like the most barebones package with rubber...