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  1. KC 50 inch on 2 door - Self-Squatch Complete!

    Originally wanted to go with 35s but didn't want to wait for manual sasquatch from factory. Ended up going with the Toyos because 2 of my friends had been running them for 20,000 plus miles at the time and had great things to say. So they were my test mules!
  2. KC 50 inch on 2 door - Self-Squatch Complete!

    Technically yup! The Toyos are excellent on pavement! I think a bit quieter than the K02s in my opinion
  3. KC 50 inch on 2 door - Self-Squatch Complete!

    The idea behind it was I wanted a manual and didn't want to wait for the manual sasquatches. So with the Badlands (non squatch), the main difference was just wheels, tires, fender flare width and a tiny bit more lift in the front. The goal was to make the modifications myself the way I wanted...
  4. KC 50 inch on 2 door - Self-Squatch Complete!

    Hey Matt, Thanks! I haven't done anything to the speedo yet. I think it being geared the way it is has made it an easy transition to the 35s on the performance side of things. I didn't notice much of a difference in performance and the Toyos have been surprisingly quiet. It doesn't feel sluggish...
  5. KC 50 inch on 2 door - Self-Squatch Complete!

    I certainly get wind noise but it isn't much worse than normal. I fear my roof is a bit noisier than most. I get a lot of squeaking out of the back and for my low speed travel I get more of that than wind noise. With higher speed, I can tell its up there. I only really experience it when driving...
  6. KC 50 inch on 2 door - Self-Squatch Complete!

    So far they've been great! I haven't had them out on the trail at night yet but will soon. They throw a lot of light and you can angle them more if you want. So far I haven't messed with the set up, I have the ditch lights facing out more to the side. The BAMF brackets are solid and I would...
  7. KC 50 inch on 2 door - Self-Squatch Complete!

    I did have them install those before taking delivery. They've been great so far!
  8. KC 50 inch on 2 door - Self-Squatch Complete!

    Will update when radio goes in. If anyone has a clever mounting idea I’m all ears!
  9. KC 50 inch on 2 door - Self-Squatch Complete!

    I haven’t really posted on here since I got my 2 door back in December. But figured I’d update! here is when I first picked it up i enjoyed it stock (briefly) then decided to go with Toyo AT3s, black rhino Axle wheels and a 1 inch RC level ended up adding Sasquatch fender flares and went with...
  10. SelfSquatch Complete w/ 35x12.5R17 Toyo MT + 1" Rough Country Level Lift (added more pics)

    This is great. I have the same spec (2 door, manual badlands high package) and have been looking to do a similar build. Will be following the channel
  11. 🛠 8/9 build week thread

    We tried boys. We kept our hearts in it and gave it everything this week. It has been an honor waiting with you.
  12. 🛠 8/9 build week thread
  13. 🛠 8/9 build week thread

    Finally got the module! 7906! And wouldn't you know the 3 letters to put in for the security code were my initials? How about that. I'll take that as a good sign.
  14. 🛠 8/9 build week thread

    Congrats! 7906 so shouldn't be too far behind you!
  15. How long did your Bronco remain in "Production" status?

    Well isn't this just depressing to read through
  16. 🛠 8/9 build week thread

    I am 7906 so just ahead of you. Nothing yet but I will continue to check today.
  17. 🛠 8/9 build week thread

    Sorry to be a bother but how do you check?
  18. 🛠 8/9 build week thread

    Been an 8/9 build date for a month now and have had a window sticker for a week. Hoping I am in good shape? Who knows anymore...