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  1. Tennessee Sold: Trade: (5) Fifteen52 Traverse Bronze wheels & tires for Sasquatch wheels & tires plus $750

    As the title says I have 5x Fifteen52 Traverse bronze with black ring wheels and stock Bronco Sasquatch tires I would like to trade for stock Sasquatch wheels and tires. Wheels have stock TPMS installed and would be an easy swap. Tires have 6k miles and show little signs of wear. No scratches or...
  2. Tennessee Sold: FS - 5x Badlands Sasquatch Wheels $1k

    5x Sasquatch wheels with roughly 1000 miles on them. In excellent condition, with no scratches or nicks. No TPMS but comes with lug nuts if wanted. Local pickup near Chattanooga, TN area (willing to meet within reasonable distance) Price $1100 $1000
  3. Missing '21 Bronco Orders

    How many of you are still missing your 2021 Bronco orders now that we are into 2022? I've had no update to any tracker since 9/3 and Ford customer service has immediately closed every escalation case I've opened (4 total). Ford tells me to reach out to my dealer for the most accurate info...
  4. Undelivered MY '21 Broncos

    @Ford Motor Company what's the plan for all these undelivered MY '21 Broncos clearly awaiting rework? Will these be changed to MY '22 if not delivered by the end of the year? This week makes 2 months since my build week and I've had no update, so I have little confidence that I will take...