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  1. South Carolina TPMS for sale $65

    5 of them, new. 65 shipped
  2. South Carolina Take off mod front bumper for sale. $850

    With mounting hardware. Myrtle Beach area.
  3. South Carolina Sold: New 2022 Bronco base 2.7 $47,950

    Has aux switches, upgraded to the Badlands wheels and tires, and rock rails. Paint has been ceramic coated with CQuartz UK 3.0 258 miles. Modular bumper and level kit also available $47,950
  4. Front license plate situation

    My dealer added a front plate mount so they could add their tacky ass dealer plate, I have the non mod cheap bumper. Looks like to add this thing they drilled into a piece of painted trim that goes between the grille and bumper. Looks terrible, and totally unnecessary since my state does not...
  5. Has anyone found a 1 -1.25 lift kit for all 4 corners?

    Not looking to do a level kit. I have a base non sas being delivered this month and I have 33 badlands wheel setup going on. I want a little lift all around but not the full lift.
  6. Anyone running 1 inch wheel spacers?

    I’m wanting to widen the stance on my base after I add badlands wheels
  7. Raptor steering wheel

    Anyone else thinking of getting a Raptor steering wheel? Long shot but any info on the part # or availability?
  8. Anyone had luck buying OEM modular bumper

    From a ford dealership? What was the cost?
  9. 6/6/22 Build week group

    Anyone else? I ordered a base 4 door w/ 2.7 in March 2022
  10. Ordered on 2/25

    Base no options other than v6. If I change my color now will it delay my order any? I have k no or gotten anything on my order other than confirmation it’s in. Thanks
  11. The Bronco Raptor steering wheel

    Is going to be a very popular mid if it fits.
  12. I’m in

    Ordered my Bronco today. Base 4 door silver with the 2.7 and aux switches. I kept it very basic to hopefully reduce build time. Plus I enjoy doing upgrades, so I’m very excited! Oh yea, got it for invoice with no dealer fees. Invoice on a base saved me around $600 off Msrp
  13. About to order a base 4 door

    Soft top. Only options I’m considering is the 2.7, & steel front bumper. Neither are deal breakers. Are either of these items that could cause significant delays? Regarding colors, are theee colors that could increase or decrease build time? Thanks!
  14. Suggestions on lightweight tires and wheels?

    I’m getting a base 4 door 2.3, want to add a 1.5 lift and larger tires. Looking for some lightweight options on the tires and wheels to help offset the penalty of going larger. I’m thinking 33-34 inch tall on the tires, 17 x 8-8.5 on the rims. My last 2 vehicles had flow formed wheels and...
  15. Ordering factory hard top after sales

    Since the hard top looks to significantly delay new orders, how much would it cost to buy it down the road? Wonder if ford will help us out since the supply back up pushed us into not getting that option up front?
  16. New member, couple of ?’s

    Awesome group, loads of useful info, thanks to the group for being such a useful resource. Couple of questions, say I order this week what is the expected wait time for a custom order (big bend 4 door auto, 2.3)? Also, any dealers doing x-plan or anything better than MSRP? I’m in SC but...