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  1. Who should I blame for these POS tires on my new Bronco? Goodyear Ford or both?

    x2 General Grabbers are definitely not any better
  2. 📸 Maxlider Bronco Raptor Build With Non-Body Color Painted Fender Flares [SEMA 2022]

    Looks sweet. That “for sale” sign is really the finishing touch for any 6g Bronco build.
  3. Base steering wheel by Dallas Custom Steering Wheel

    that wheel and those seats are sweet
  4. Eruption Green Broncos + Bronze Wheels are perfect match

    Looks like a good wheel color on EG… but I gotta say, if a civic must be destroyed, at least choose a different gen. Those EK coupes were PEAK Honda and very desirable.
  5. Poll who wants the new Ford Bronco Raptor?

    I wouldn’t pay the premium for one over a Wildtrak and it just doesn’t seem as special as F150 Raptor. Sasquatch package should’ve just been “Raptor” package imo…
  6. Bill Stroppe BAJA BRONCO Tribute Build

    That’s incredible! Love the seats especially.
  7. Received My New Bronco

    Very nice! Love the base models
  8. FordPass now on Apple Watch

    Watch app just has lock/unlock and start functionality, which is nice. Phone app includes mileage, DTE, tire pressure, oil life, last known vehicle location, trouble codes etc.
  9. FordPass now on Apple Watch

    I’ve had it on my Gen 0 Apple Watch for the past year. It is neat but I prefer the regular app.
  10. Someone is Sending It in Canada

    yeah it’s just the LED refresh rate.
  11. Ford Bronco Raptor Drops Camo For a Revealing Look… Likely to Get ~450 HP

    I noticed it, and I’m certain there’s gonna be an accompanying hood vent. I just hope it doesn’t look too out of place. Would’ve been more at home on some wide fiberglass fenders like the Bronco R.
  12. Ford Bronco Raptor Drops Camo For a Revealing Look… Likely to Get ~450 HP

    Not sure what I was expecting for the Raptor but this isn’t it. Maybe call it Sasquatch level II? WideTrak? I knows there’s a lot more under the skin but damn… visually they just phoned it in.
  13. Update-Situation fixed-So my Bronco has come in.... & marked up 10k by DCH FORD OF EATONTOWN

    At this point I think those who have a reservation and no signed purchase agreement from their dealer should cancel their orders. ….instead of becoming homicidal when “their” Bronco arrives with inevitable markups and/or is sold to someone else.
  14. First mod (moved keypad to gas door) and a simple fix

    Toyota mounts them at the bottom corner of the windshield by the wiper blade. Pretty subtle location also.
  15. I'll buy used in 3 years, here is my new ride.

    Nice ride. I did the exact same thing. I’m not waiting until 2022 to sit in a dealer stock Bronco and then decide it won’t work for me. Took a 2020 F150 “configurator build” to the dealer and had them find it. Even got $15k off sticker and a 100,000mi powertrain warranty for free... Bronco may...