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  1. NPBronco91

    Broncos Of The Carolinas

    Thanks for the info! I’m with Chapman Ford in PA right now. They had a pretty good deal. May stick with them for the time being unless I see or hear of a better deal in NC
  2. NPBronco91

    Broncos Of The Carolinas

    Hi All. New to the group. I’m currently waiting to submit my order for a MY22 (August 2020 reservation holder). I am moving to Raleigh this week and wanted to join the group. Does anyone have suggestions or tips if I should transfer my reservation to a dealer in NC or SC?
  3. 🎥 The 4WP Bronco Build Walk-Around

    Please delete this if someone found this. Typed in the address found on the 4WheelParts Bronco walk around.
  4. NPBronco91

    Broncos of Pennsylvania

    There's also events in Buffalo, NY and several events for Maryland and Virginia locations. I believe there's an event in Ohio too. Thought we can just start with the PA locations
  5. NPBronco91

    Broncos of Pennsylvania

    Hey Folks, Looks like there will be two events to view the Bronco. Thought to pass these links along. One for the Pittsburgh and Philly areas.
  6. NPBronco91

    Broncos of Pennsylvania

    Welcome to the group!
  7. NPBronco91

    WNY Bronco Group

    Hi all. I use to live in the Buffalo area (now reside in PA) and occasionally check into this group. Is the registration link open to the public?
  8. @dealerinsider offer closed

    Hypothetically if someone has a July 15th reservation, wants a MY22, transfer to you for the discount, converts their reservation into an order then they may get a MY21. See the issue? I would want to be sure that I was 100% get a MY22.
  9. @dealerinsider offer closed

    But this is if we transfer and convert our reservation into an order for MY21, correct? Or are we able to transfer to you, still receive the 3%, and be put into the system for MY22?
  10. SYNC 4 Complete Tutorial with a 12" screen

    You can tell how dedicated Mitchell was to make this video with his 75 unread messages lol
  11. NPBronco91

    Broncos of Pennsylvania

    @DealerInsider, from our previous conversations, will the 3% discount still be valid when we convert an order for a 22MY (say in July to October time) or will it only be applied if you convert your order prior to March 19th? I'm just going off what we have previously discussed
  12. NPBronco91

    Broncos of Pennsylvania

    @dano158 I have a reservation with State College Ford. It's been crickets since dealing with State College Ford, I have to reach out to them about pricing/converted my reservation/etc. The first email I received from them was congratulating me for my reservation for the Bronco SPORT... This...
  13. Yakima or Aftermarket Roof Rack? - Poll

    It is but I’m thinking you might be able to find cheaper. There’s also Tuff Stuff Overland RTT for $8-$900 at 105lbs.
  14. Yakima or Aftermarket Roof Rack? - Poll

    Thule Tepui is 105 lbs, but nothing is going to beat the Superlite. Wish it came with LED Lighting like the Smittybilt
  15. Off-road YouTube channels?

    Arkansas Offroad and Justin B. McBride
  16. Those still waiting to hear from their dealer since they reserved (not A,D or Z plan)

    I had to initiate conversation with my current dealer. Waiting to hear back about their pricing, but offered me to be his "test subject" by submitting my specs... Also waiting to hear from another dealer about their pricing. Most likely will move to them. MY21 is not the year for me. I'm...
  17. Which of the Deadly Six is in your build?

    The news on the delay annoyed me at first, but now I realized I’m probably going to have a MY22 no matter what. My reservation is from August 7th, I’m ordering the 2.7L, and I’m most likely going to wait to submit my order until mid to end February.
  18. Sasquatch my dash!

    Ford: 12in seems big enough Mercedes: Hold my beer
  19. Jackpot! Bronco Black Diamond (Iconic Silver) seen up close & personal this morning

    Thanks for the tips. I’ll most likely buy after market when the time comes. I wanted to hear OPs thoughts to see if I can potentially avoid buying after market.