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  1. You know you drive a Bronco when…

    People ask where you got your tie rod reinforcements
  2. Extended warranty

    Which dealer did you buy through? Granger has some competitive selections for 6 year/100k miles, but it's coming out to just under $1,400, and I'd rather save money where possible - especially on a contingency plan that may or may not be used.
  3. Impressive 2022 Bronco Raptor MPG real world figures

    No kidding. I'm driving a 4D 2.3 SAS Badlands, and barely get 16.2 after 1800 miles on the odometer. Mostly flat highway driving in central Texas. There seems to be a ton of variability among 4D SAS rigs running 87. I'm almost wishing I'd taken my chances with the 2.7, but I'd probably still be...
  4. New Product Release: IAG I-Line Front Grilles

    Para hex is looking strong, especially in matte. Is there a less "Jeep angry eyes" version coming 🥲
  5. IAG Bronco Tube Doors (Info?)

    IAG has photos of these tube doors on their site, but only appearing in shots for other products - no listing for the doors themselves. Does anyone know when/if we can expect these to hit the market? The design is a nice step between the OEM tube doors and the JCR Offroad tube doors, which IMHO...
  6. Let’s see your favorite picture of your Bronco!

    What tires are those? I want! :love:
  7. should i take this offer?

    What do you plan on doing with the Bronco? If you just want a Bronco and don't mind losing a little money by the time you get your ideal build / prices level off, sure, go for it knowing that's a risk. The Basesquatch is plenty capable, but if creature comforts are important to you, that's...
  8. Ford Bronco Halloween Edition Thread!!! 🎃👻💀

    Totally forgot about Halloween until the office set up a take-home pumpkin patch! I feel like this makes the Bronco a marsupial (big pumpkin carrying little pumpkin)
  9. Dog Options?

    I use the Carhartt removable truck seat cover. It's very durable, and I can take it out when I have passengers in the rear seats. $99 on Amazon or pick up in store at AutoZone. Works great in the Bronco, Tacoma, and Wrangler JK
  10. Regrets Anyone?

    Ah OK, thanks for explaining. Mine is an auto, so I haven't had the experience of needing more room to clutch. Since the Bronco is such an enthusiast-oriented vehicle, you'd think Ford would give the die-hard stick shift folks more consideration. But then again, they weren't even originally...
  11. Regrets Anyone?

    How far back are you sitting that you feel the B pillar?
  12. Fullscreen Apple CarPlay OTA Update Coming Soon! - Per Ford (Mike Levine)

    Ok, you can tell my last three employers they've been rolling out mobile apps wrong :)
  13. Fullscreen Apple CarPlay OTA Update Coming Soon! - Per Ford (Mike Levine)

    This is most likely a rollout. When developers launch new software revisions, they ramp the percentage of users exposed to the new version to monitor for issues. This way, bugs can be found by testing with a smaller number of users, before rolling out fully to an entire population of Bronco...
  14. Bull or No... Bullbars

    I love my Maxzina bull bar. It just dropped to $159 on Amazon (ugh...paid $199 in early September), but it's a great addition in terms of looks and expandable lighting options. It does slightly obstruct the forward camera, but funnily enough it acts as a kind of parking guide, and protects the...
  15. Loving the Look of the Soft Top Without the Windows

    Doors off, but we feel ya on top up / windows out. Great way to take my dog around while keeping him out of the sun!
  16. My Raptor: Fully dressed to naked (top and doors removed)

    Looks like you have some of the hinge overspray, too. My dealer agreed to correct mine. If you're going to drive around with the doors off, might as well! 100% a factory QC issue
  17. My Raptor: Fully dressed to naked (top and doors removed)

    If you have rubber floor mats with carpet installed, you can remove the carpet (there are two locks with a center button that you've got to give a good push) and lock the mats in their place. I didn't even think of it, so I spent $30 on velcro tape before realizing this!
  18. 2022 Bronco Wildtrak Review

    Don't mind them. Most people here have been waiting so long for a Bronco that the idea of someone not enjoying it is a little odious. I agree that for 60K, the Bronco should have power seating and seats that are comfortable for YOU. The Lux package was another >$5k for my build, and for that...
  19. 2 Week Deep Dive: 4D Badlands SAS w/ HI Pkg

    Yeah, I found a few threads about this while searching the forum. It doesn't seem to impact shadow black or silver, as far as I've found, but there was at least one other non-CO owner who had this happen. Quantity over quality! I've had a 4Runner, 4 Tacomas, and a Wrangler. None ever had any...