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  1. ICONIC SILVER Bronco Club
  2. 🛠 11/15/21 build week group

    License Plates Arrived…
  3. ICONIC SILVER Bronco Club

    License Plates Arrived …
  4. Accessory Options to Replace Grab Handle to Right of Stick Shift

    My base bronco has wireless Apple CarPlay standard. Check your Bluetooth settings
  5. 2 door base non-sasquatch pics

    Love the look of my base. Iconic Slver goes well with the steelies. The wheels are not as small as you think.
  6. 🛠 11/15/21 build week group

    Finally own a Bronco… “The Keg” and I will take some time to get to know each other. Thank you guys the therapy and for keeping me from committing violent felony along the way. MSRP as promised. Dealership ownership changed during the wait but new owner honored the deal. Great small town dealer...
  7. 🛠 11/15/21 build week group

    Drove by dealership about an hour ago!
  8. 🛠 11/15/21 build week group

    Still at railyard in walkertown NC
  9. 🛠 11/15/21 build week group

    As of yesterday afternoon my Bronco is just outside ofWinston-Salem (1.5hours from my dealer) off the train and waiting to be picked up by truck hopefully in the next few days. (No way to track at this point). I’m assuming that I will probably be the last to get delivered from our 11/15 build...
  10. 🛠 11/15/21 build week group

    Finally received the shipped email this morning. Trying to decide if I should ask my dealer for the rail number or just enjoy New Year’s eve and day without checking where it is every 5 seconds. Happy to see all of the pics of your new rides as they have arrived. Like the proud parents of a MY21...
  11. Is no one ordering iconic silver?

    I love the Iconic Silver. Since I ordered a base and have no intention of changing the steelies it’s a perfect match. Silver also shows less dirt and shows of the detail lines on a vehicle that can get lost in some of the darker colors.
  12. 🛠 11/15/21 build week group

    Congrats! Did you ever receive a shipped or photo email? Did your tracker ever change to shipped or did it just show up?
  13. 🛠 11/15/21 build week group

    Calendar arrived… never received the hammock. @Ford Motor Company I could use a hammock.
  14. 🛠 11/15/21 build week group

    Not yet. Built but not shipped. ETA 1/6. Anything new on your end?
  15. 🛠 11/15/21 build week group

    finally out of “in production” jail
  16. 🛠 11/15/21 build week group

    Received this standard email Tuesday but still no built email. ETA date moved from 12/8 to 1/23 on Tuesday as well. Dealer shows “produced 11/15” same day mods popped. Base 2dr 2.3 auto, liners and keypad