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  1. 🐎 Bronco or ⚡️ Lightning?

    Yea, I’m supposedly price protected but we’ll see if the dealer asks for their vig. I think the one thing I want to do given how the dealers have effed too many of us bronco buyers is buy the Lightning, and put the bronco at my folks house for a couple months to try out the EV. Decision got to...
  2. 🐎 Bronco or ⚡️ Lightning?

    Dang, you guys are good. Great points! 🤔
  3. 🐎 Bronco or ⚡️ Lightning?

    Also, I take the train to work, so Lightning as daily driver isn’t a consideration for me. Shoutout to those who gave feedback on f150lightningforum sister site!
  4. 🐎 Bronco or ⚡️ Lightning?

    I’ve lucked out greatly with getting my ‘22 Bronco 4DR BD 2.3 in April and now have ‘23 Lighting Pro scheduled for end of month. I’ve made my case, but my wife won’t be swayed to part with our 3-row vehicle (family of 5 plus need space for carpool kid/s). I’m left having to choose between the...
  5. Fender flare cleaning

    Anybody have ideas on how to remove sunscreen off the flares and other plastic? I’m nervous to do the wrong thing.
  6. Are you happy with your 2.3 Bronco?

    Very happy with my 2.3. Have not regretted skipping the 2.7 on my BD with adv 4x4.
  7. 🔗 2023 Bronco Build and Price Page [Link Update!]

    HE looks to be only ~$2k more than BD if both have mid package, and HE gets squatch and mod top and plaid seats and “loses” auto in place of manual. If you can get over the garish interior white trim that’ll tire and distract your eyes (below) this is the one to pick if your budget allows...
  8. 2023 Bronco and Raptor Order Guide is here! [Heritage Edition Late Availability; No MOD Painted Top 😞]

    And just wait if the mod top doesn’t transfer to a bronco that didn’t get ordered with a mod top. 🤪 “Needed new threaded locations…”
  9. Never got your assembly line photo? Maybe someone has a match!

    Pretty sure that website hasn’t been updated since March. 😢
  10. I seriously thought I was done... But.. help?! Color thoughts?

    Do we know what this guy got 18 months ago?
  11. Bronco Sights - New 6061 Billet Aluminum Grab Handle!

    That’s pretty damn sexy.
  12. APIM Module on indefinite backorder

    Did you lemon law it or what was method to sell with the apim situation unresolved?
  13. Peters Mill Run: 1st "overlanding" trip experience in 2-door Badlands

    I know it’s a trick of the light, but really digging the “floating roof” look in that photo across the water. Silver roof and black pillars.
  14. Capable Bumper Shackle Removal

    Nice work! Bumper removal necessary out how tricky was it to get that assembly out?
  15. DIY budget Heritage Grill w/ FORD Lettering

    Genius move on minimizing the white. This hits the nail on the head.
  16. Mabett Mud Flaps Fits Sasquatch set that accommodates factory rock rails or tube steps

    Ordered! Rokblokz price gouged. Rekgen couldn’t get their act together with a non-SAS version. Mabett figures it out. Tho if not for promo I would not have bought since I also only really wanted the fronts only.
  17. Mabett Velcro Tech Panel - Rear Seat Back Kit Available Now

    I’ve been trying but still broken. You gotten any purchases? I’ve used the search also with no luck.
  18. Mabett Velcro Tech Panel - Rear Seat Back Kit Available Now

    Broken link? Not live yet?