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  1. Camping Trailer Alternative

    Yeah I guess if you're only taking the tent with you I can see how that would be okay. We tend to leave kitchen, sleeping, general items (except for food) inside our tent area when we leave camp. May not be "secure" but definitely out of sight and more of a pain for wandering eyes and keeps our...
  2. Camping Trailer Alternative

    Man people must really have a thing against ground tents! I kid, but it is Amazing how many other ways to create shelter there are now. Looks pretty cool. I just don’t like having camp attached to my vehicle. Makes spending more than a day in one place a pain to go anywhere in the truck. Like...
  3. Full-time 4x4 vs part-time

    Sure but the inverse is worse. Dry Pavement with patches of black ice etc... nothing would beat A4 in that situation, right?
  4. Full-time 4x4 vs part-time

    I can relate to this in many ways. My wife is a good driver but certainly on the more, hmmm, “passive” end of the spectrum? Then again I think she gets less stressed out by other bad drivers.... so I wouldn’t be surprised if she ends up living longer anyway.
  5. Full-time 4x4 vs part-time

    Ah sorry when you said “real 4 wheel drive system” I misinterpreted that as just 4H and 4L, like my truck has. Too many conversations at once. yes agreed A4x4 is superior to AWD.
  6. Full-time 4x4 vs part-time

    You can’t use 4H on dry pavement with intermittent patches of ice. So in that case, yes A4 will give you better tradition than 4H or 4L. They are just different tools for different purposes.
  7. Full-time 4x4 vs part-time

    And using 4H on a patch of dry pavement can prematurely grind your cases... it just depends on the situation. I don’t think anyone is suggesting leaving the car in A4 100% of the time... and who cares if there’s a wear part? At least it’s something that’s meant to be replaced. Used correctly it...
  8. Full-time 4x4 vs part-time

    Right I mean I’m assuming you actively are putting into that mode when you go driving in bad conditions, I’m not suggesting leaving it on 100% of the time. Definitely agree it can make people feel more confident than they should. stopping powwr
  9. Full-time 4x4 vs part-time

    Agree to disagree. A4 is a proven convenience and safety capability that I personally have enjoyed having. My current f150 does not have it and there are plenty of times in inclement weather where I’m either Switching back and forth as I hit pavement and snow, or just leaving it in 2H to not...
  10. What’s your cheapest-Favourite accessory

    The baby changing station! I mean, the fold out table...
  11. Bronco Order Conversion Stats Sample

    Any other mildly interesting trends or notes about the reservations you’ve gotten so far?
  12. GEN3 Raptor jumping ...

    I prefer this gem:
  13. Why does the Ford B&P tool mess with my head?

    Actually we recently found out that that prototype vehicle is not reality... it looks more like this now supposedly:
  14. What do we know about the default stereo?

    like I said you can still use this setup without cell service. CarPlay itself does not require cell service, it’s just how the car interacts with your phone. with an application like Spotify on your phone, you can store as much music locally as you want .Again do what works for you but I think...
  15. What do we know about the default stereo?

    Obviously do what works best for you, but since the new bronco will have Apple CarPlay - if you have an iPhone and pay $9 per month for Spotify, you can have unlimited access to 99% of all available music (including custom radio stations) that will populate and be controllable from the touch...
  16. Top Car Colors of 2020 (78% White, Black, Gray, or Silver) vs Bronco6G Member Ordered Colors

    whatever makes you happy! As someone who drools over all the restored early Broncos in SoCal I just wish we had more fun colors... a tangerine orange or boxwood green would make me a happy camper
  17. Ford confirms a green 2022 Bronco color for MY22! *Not Filson Wildland Fire Rig Green*

    If it’s definitely an EB green, I hope it’s more like the 80s EB alpine green rather than the 90s one...
  18. California My Sasquatch wheels/tires/flares for your badlands optional wheels/tires/flares

    Yeah I am picking up at Granger but likely much later than you (waiting for manual Sasquatch)
  19. California My Sasquatch wheels/tires/flares for your badlands optional wheels/tires/flares

    If anyone getting a badlands prefers the Sasquatch wheels and tires and flares, I’d be happy to trade for the optional badlands wheels (with the gray beadlock/beauty ring) I know it’s unlikely someone would order the optional wheels and trade, but just throwing it out there in case someone is...