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  1. 🐾 Show Us Your Dog + Bronco Photos!

    This is my 6mo blue heeler copilot named Colt
  2. Got her lips and nose done… ADV hood + xl sport light bar

    I really like the end caps. Im wondering if I could make them fit with my baja designs fog bracket. What fog bracket are you using?
  3. 🌧️ 4 door soft top Safari performance in rain?

    I cant speak to it being parked in the rain or driving when it is actively raining, but I have driven it just after rain on wet roads. With the windows up, no water was slung into the cargo area, and the seats stayed dry of course. I think where you may run into more water entering is some good...
  4. Wrong bumper

    for sure. I more so meant they could keep the mod bumper and add fogs to it if they wanted, but also retain the factory switch if that is something they cared about. It is something I want to add to my badlands eventually to save an aux switch.
  5. Cancelling Order for a BRZ/GR86?

    I haven't driven a gt86, but I do like them. I can speak on going from a sports car to the bronco though. For 3 years my only vehicle was my '18 mustang gt with the performance pack and magneride. I loved it, but sold it for the bronco and haven't looked back. Occasionally I do miss some back...
  6. Wrong bumper

    But you can add the factory switch on your own, and use forscan to get it working. I believe the factory wiring is even there for the fogs. Theres a thread on here where someone did it successfully.
  7. For those that have their Broncos, what's your biggest complaint?

    Thats due to the touchless entry. It will do it if the key is in your pocket because the doors unlock when you grab them. I hang my keys on a rack when I wash it for that reason. My mustang did the same thing.
  8. AR | MAGNUM STIRRUP® Full Length Billet Aluminum Side Step for OEM Rock Rail - Bronco6G Exclusive Part

    I'm impressed with how the pricing came out on these! Excited to see the final product, but I am loving my stirrups!
  9. Wiring to Cargo Area

    I used the hero switch wiring to work as the on/off switch for my arb singIe. It's mounted in the storage compartment under the cargo area. I ran the heavy gauge power wires out of the rubber grommet in that storage area and along the frame all wrapped up.
  10. Seat Belt Flapping - Need Clarity!

    I used gun magnets on the trim behind the seatbelt. Holds onto them really good.
  11. Apologies to Wildtrack Owners...

    I really wonder if the HOSS 3.0 was meant to be included this whole time but maybe was cut to streamline the 2021 models due to the parts availability or something. After introducing that, the whole high speed offroad marketing for the WT makes a lot more sense. I was deciding between my...
  12. Gas storage solution ? This company makes a nice spare tire tailgate support that has an optional mount for a rotopax.
  13. AR | STIRRUP® OEM Rail Fitment, Billet Aluminum Side Step - Brongo6G Exclusive Part

    I've had mine on for a few days now and love them. I installed them at the high setting because I preferred the look, but that also made the install easier since they can hang from the rail. After using them for two days I decided to drop them to the low mount and it feeIs much more natural...
  14. Okay - Name Drop Your Favorite Pressure Washers

    I bought it for the psi and good price. I have used the detergent tank once on concrete. It won't create foam like you would want for washing a car, so that's why I use a foam cannon still.
  15. ARB air compressor mount

    Regardless of any of the dialogue. It doesn't seem like it would be very hard for lawyers to argue, even though there was no attempt to profit. If everyone took the home made design and made their own, then it would cut into the revenue of 4x4. I don't fully understand the patent laws, but to...
  16. AR | BADLANDS Center Console VIN Plate

    I would for sure be in!
  17. Interior panel fitment peculiarities

    my mustang which looked identical to yours was the same way lol
  18. Welcome APG!

    I have been excited to see their offerings for the bronco since I was contemplating buying a ranger and sending it to them when I thought my bronco would not be built anytime soon.
  19. Kicker Key Amp 200.4 Install DIY Video - Do this first!

    Anyone with more audio experience know how hard it would be to add another amp to power a sub in the rear?
  20. Airing Up with ARB Twin Compressor and 4-Way Tube System

    I can confirm that they do fit on the sasquatch wheels. I was worried they wouldn't as well. It Is a snug fit but it works really good.