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  1. 2022 Ranger Raptor Consideration

    Lots of speculation on the new 2022 Ranger offering the Raptor with the 2.7 TT. Would some of you hold off on the Bronco purchase for the Ranger Raptor in 2022 (That is if confirmed)? We already have some of us considering holding off for the 2023 Bronco Warthog.
  2. Rock Rails on BL and BD Now Costs -- Am I Imagining Things

    I must be getting old. I just went to the build & price and noticed rock rails/sliders on the Badlands and Black Diamond is now an accessory. For some reason I thought they were included. I am miffed.
  3. Come on Ford: Why I am Changing from Badlands to Black Diamond

    I have stuck with the Badlands since I could not get in on the First Edition. Also, since the MV seats are only available in either the Badlands or Black Diamond pretty much has limited my model selection. Here are my reasons: 1. Black Diamond has MV grey/black seats and Badlands are black...
  4. Control Arms and Suspension Pieces Like Raptor or Similar to Ranger

    I wonder if the Bronco suspension is more closer related to the Raptor or less capable Ranger (i.e. stronger control arms, etc.)?