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  1. AR | TETON Ti - Premium Titanium Wheel Hardware

    LOL, don't know why I wrote 25...guess the booze is stronger when visiting FL. 🥴 Excited that we're getting closer on these! Thanks Curtis!
  2. Side sun visor needed

    Cool, thanks for the useless advice. :rolleyes:
  3. Side sun visor needed

    Not all of us live in states where tint is legal, bruh.
  4. AR | TETON Ti - Premium Titanium Wheel Hardware

    These look great! I'm definitely in for a set. I'm hoping they are sold in packs of 25 to cover the spare and have a couple of extras. Also, I am far from a metallurgist, but will the differences in material cause any issues? Is anti-seize recommended and will that affect the torque spec?
  5. Side sun visor needed

    On a two door it's a real issue. My commute has me heading south in the morning and north in the afternoon, so I have sun pouring in the driver's side window both ways. I don't know if the visor extends far enough on the 4-door to account for this, but on the 2-door it really sucks!
  6. Bad leather seat

    Glad it all worked out, Bruno.
  7. Axle is bent and not covered under warranty

    He pads his post count with nonsensical responses. I suggest ignoring him going forward.
  8. Bad leather seat

    I believe it is actually a single piece of leather with the accent thread sewn in.
  9. Fullscreen Apple CarPlay OTA Update Coming Soon! - Per Ford (Mike Levine)

    We're in the same boat. Supposedly the update was installed on Oct. 19th, but the "About Sync" screen still shows the same software version/revision. 🤷‍♂️
  10. Sport mode without 4A?

    What I find weird is that the front end feels tighter when I'm in 4A. The power distribution screen can show zero power directed to the front wheels, but the driving dynamics are different than in 2H. I don't have an answer as to why, but it is a notable difference.
  11. Brandmotion fullvue mirror

    I have one of these and really like it, but keep in mind that Brandmotion has a strict MAP/MSRP policy and will not honor the warranty on products sold by any company on their Do Not Sell List. You can save a lot of $$$ from these sellers, but you will be on your own when it comes to warranty...
  12. Sport mode and 4A engagement

    Yup, same here. Don't waste your time looking at the power distribution screen as the "pull" occurs even when the screen shows zero power going to the fronts. Very weird sensation.
  13. Need a solution for high-temp air hose fittings with onboard arb in engine bay

    The following thread lists all the parts and has more photos. This setup works quite well. Hope it helps! ARB Twin Air Compressor and Pressure Control Kit Install
  14. MagSafe compatible tripod mount option

    You don't have to replace your existing chargers. They work great with the Quad Lock cases and are much more secure than the Apple MagSafe case. The Quad Lock magnets are superior to Apple's. I probably could have gotten away without the locking charger, but wanted to be on the safe side.
  15. MagSafe compatible tripod mount option

    Look at Quad Lock. I have their Mag case paired with their standard locking charger. Still works great with Apple's MagSafe charger when at home, but the locking charger won't disappoint while out wheeling.
  16. Pocket Lights - Mod Bumper

    This is the same setup I have and love it! I think the BD bracket looks the best and allows the lights to mounted top up, so there is no need to flip the bezels. I purchased through during the last Black Friday sale and received a good deal. A lot of people like Diode...
  17. Sunglass storage alternatives?

    I think this is a great idea, but I have two suggestions. Use adhesion promoter before applying the 3M VHB, as I have had a hard time getting a sunglass case to adhere long term in the same spot. Second, toss a soft cloth in the bottom of the tray to protect your glasses. The Maxzina version...
  18. Sunglass storage alternatives?

    I felt the same but purchased a pair anyway. They actually look good, are functional, and don't block the view of the sky. I give them two thumbs up!