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  1. LOD OFFROAD! Destroyer Tire Carrier

    Where/how do you hook trailer safety chains/cables on this bumper when towing a trailer using the integrated hitch?
  2. Will changing a 2023 order to 2.3/7 v. 2.7/10, all other things being the same, affect my price protection?

    I asked this same question to Samantha at Granger Ford and she told me that it did change price protection in the past but that they didn’t know if it would or wouldn’t impact price protection when changing from a 22 to a 23 despite their attempts to get clarification from Ford.
  3. Maybe don’t buy a Bronco.

    I have been pondering this for a while. I am an early reservation holder still waiting for my 2-door Basesquatch. I bought a 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk last year to replace the vehicle that I had planned to replace with the Bronco. Its the first Chrysler product I have ever purchased...
  4. 2023 Bronco Allocation is Based on These 2 Factors

    While I thought the FAQ's made it sound like changing my order from a 2.7 Auto to a 2.3 manual was not one of the changes that would impact price protection, I contacted Samantha at Granger and she informed me that Ford still hasn't provided sufficient clarity for her to assure me there would be...
  5. 2023 Bronco Allocation is Based on These 2 Factors

    First, I think Zach and Granger have done an outstanding job trying to keep us all informed. Second, I haven't ignored any communications from Granger. Third, while I didn't appreciate the significance of the mention of the 99 orders in the July update, I don't see any mention of the 99 orders...
  6. 2023 Bronco Allocation is Based on These 2 Factors

    Thanks for the explanation. I appreciate your efforts to keep us informed.
  7. 2023 Bronco Allocation is Based on These 2 Factors

    Thanks for the explanation. Like you, I had no idea how many of them there were. I will disagree on that number being a secret.
  8. 2023 Bronco Allocation is Based on These 2 Factors

    Of course they were relevant. Everyone looking at the list who had a number higher than 100 had to be considering the possibility that they would be pushed into a 2023 model year. Completely relevant information to know that your number would be moved way back if that happened.
  9. 2023 Bronco Allocation is Based on These 2 Factors

    That doesn't explain how I moved back 130 spots??? Are you saying that the prior lists didn't really show orders that were in front of me??? If so, why did you exclude that information in the prior lists???
  10. 2023 Bronco Allocation is Based on These 2 Factors

    Zach, Something seems off with the list you attached. I went from#241 in July to #370 in Sept. Is the attached list correct? If so, how can someone be moved back over 130 spots????
  11. Base Squatch vs Black Squatch

    When I add rock rails, aux switches, HD modular bumper and bash plates, and the 2.7 to a Squach Base, it prices out $5400 lower than a Squach BD. I can‘t see paying that for the MGV seats, rubberized floor, steel rear bumper and two extra Goat Modes. I don’t care about the two extra Goat Modes...
  12. GVWR and general weight concerns

    Yep, which is one of the reasons I never purchased a Wrangler.
  13. GVWR and general weight concerns

    That is lousy and I fear it is why Ford is so delinquent in posting final payload specs for the Bronco. Won’t be ordering before those specs are published and won’t be buying if the payload is a meager 816 lbs.
  14. Who's your college football team!

    Roll Tide
  15. Why go 4-door unless you have to?

    4 door for the extra payload capacity and the larger gas tank. For me, its a toss up on looks.
  16. Is $5000 ($4500 on Black Diamond) too costly for the Sasquatch package?

    Thanks for all the responses. I get that it would be costly to do an equivalent aftermarket upgrade, but I am mindful that Ford is substituting components to provide the Sasquatch package, which saves on the cost of all the components that were substituted by the Sasquatch components...
  17. Is $5000 ($4500 on Black Diamond) too costly for the Sasquatch package?

    Want to get some opinions of the cost of the Sasquatch package that was proposed in the Ford Surveys. For me, it is too much and if that is the price that Ford goes with, especially with the addtional cost of upgrading to the required automatic transmission, I may have to walk away from a...
  18. Ford. If you are reading this. Some suggestions before launch

    I second this. The small size of the gas tank, especially on the 2-door is a big disappointment. I think overall Ford did a great job with the Bronco, but the small gas tank on the 2-dour is a major fail.
  19. Black Diamond Bronco Thread

    Same on the US site. That is a big change in my view. Pretty disappointed that Ford would change something like this. Must be based on the free feedback they are getting from all those who have reserved and Ford is now adjusting features to maximize profits and push people to more expensive...