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  1. KBD fender flares

    I haven’t noticed any real difference vs Squatch flares but if you get in mud be ready for a mess.
  2. KBD fender flares

    Yeah they are. My gap will be slightly different though with moving the rear lower coilover bolt hole location.
  3. KBD fender flares

    Yeah they are. My gap will be slightly different though with moving the rear lower coilover bolt hole location.
  4. Joe's BadSquatch Build

    Decided I didn’t really need to pack around 10 gallons of extra gas and having a jack that would work with how my bronco sits now would be more useful, so took advantage of Black Friday and picked up a Wicked Creations jack skid and mount and a harbor freight 2 ton aluminum race jack. Picked up...
  5. Steering impossible while off-camber

    I think funhavers hydro steering system will probably be the answer for the guys wanting to run big tires.
  6. Joe's BadSquatch Build

    Added a couple small things recently. Got some dome washers for the outside bolts on the skids. also added a molle plate that mounts on the tailgate that’s from CourseMS. Super easy install and nice to have the added storage area. and lastly added the Ford Performance windshield trim kit...
  7. KBD fender flares

    Normal price for them.
  8. Anyone self install their ADV front/rear quarter panels - DIY?

    I was watching a video on ig of an install and it looked like you have to cut the openings out for things like the lights. I imagine stuff like that and prepping for paint is what takes so long.
  9. Social media algorithm strikes again

    Had this pop up as an ad on my ig. Seems like a nice little addition for storage or for mounting a fire extinguisher.
  10. Joe's BadSquatch Build

    An update for the the last week of modding and using my Bronco, started by adding Asfir a-arm skids after noticing some good marks on them from rock crawling. Seem like a very week made product and solid. Also added the Dirtydog headliner and have noticed it has lowered the interior wind noise a...
  11. KBD fender flares

    Yeah the tape is on it in all those locations.

    Second one
  13. Any experience with LoD Off-Road bumpers?

    I have that bumper on my bronco currently. The bumper itself is really nice and well designed. The tire carrier has some issues in my opinion. The spindle it sits on is adjustable and I couldn’t get mine to stay where I wanted it no matter how tight I got it so I ended up tack welding it in...
  14. Joe's BadSquatch Build

    After much deliberating between going to a hard top of getting a Rakit roof rack, I decided to go to a hardtop. I ordered the Anderson Composites one which should be here in approximately 12 weeks and I’ll be also getting the Besttop sky rider for it for during the summer months.
  15. Joe's BadSquatch Build

    No not running any spacers.
  16. Let’s see your favorite picture of your Bronco!

    Tie between these two for me
  17. Joe's BadSquatch Build

    Another recent addition. After the occasional search over the last year I had finally found a fender flare that I liked and gave the look I was hoping for. They’re made by KBD Bodykits. It does a decent job of covering the round wheel well and giving it more an older style look. Fairly straight...
  18. Joe's BadSquatch Build

    Yeah they make a fantastic product and are super helpful with doing something custom. I’d recommend though getting the latches for anything acting as a barrier though. Makes it a lot easier to move the netting out of the way.
  19. First Look! ORACLE Bronco Side Mirrors w/ Integrated LED Ditch Lights

    I’m interested in the group but as well.