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  1. delete duplicate

    dup thread - back to eating your Beyond Meat burgers and dodging subby's
  2. Maryland WTB - factory 4 door soft top - MD, DC, VA, Pa De area

    Hi - that says it all - does anyone have a factory softtop for sale in the DelMarVa area ?
  3. Maryland Bronco 1966 tire cover - new in box, free shipping $80

    1966 Bronco tire cover from Ford. I bought 2 of these by accident - free shipping $80.00
  4. Pin hole in muffler - residue from Dirt Mt ?

    I have a small hole in my muffler. Could this be a rust hole that broke through from sitting with condensation in the muffler?
  5. Platform roof rack options ? Go Rhino SRM500 ?

    hi - Has anyone looked Go Rhino SRM500 platform rack for a 4 door with factory rack ? I am curious if the spacing of the Ford rails would work with the SRM 500. It seems like the Ford crossbars and the Go Rhino rack have to be the right dimensions for the following clamping system to work...
  6. Rear camera - parking/backup camera blurry

    HI - Has anyone noticed that the rear camera is either blurry or low resolution? I have other cars and it has been pretty sharp - is the Bronco one intentionally low res or is mine broken ? I was thinking there was a piece of packing film on it - but I wiped it clean and it is still blurry.
  7. What does this button do ?

    What do this button do ? I cannot find it in the owners manual. It is next to all the dome light switches. See blue arrow
  8. Defroster button misaligned -

    Hi, Does anyone else have a broken or malaligned defroster/defogger button ? The button still sort of functios, turns heat on high (I thought it should be cool, not heat), but the light is hard to see. It looks like it is off and the button does not really depress. I noticed the button is...
  9. For the hackers and those in the know - what does this mean ?

    HI when entering vin and order number at the link*&vin=1FMEE5DH9MLA----- I get the following: [{"id":"----...
  10. Bimini top - non-mesh -

    Hi - you may have noticed that this disappeared from the B&P and catalog. Does anyone know about the solid bimini top and it's status ? Does anyone know if this was able to keep the rain out from the passenger area - except for the obvious opening behind the 2nd row? I noticed the mesh top...
  11. MIC top fix idea ? Rubber edging material

    I was wondering if anyone has thought to put rubber edging material and some silicone caulk on the edges of the mic top. Something like this - maybe spread some silicone and then put this edge on.
  12. Anybody up for some plaid seat covers ?

    Hi - anyone wants some plaid seat covers ? I do. Is that something we would approach Katzskins about ? I think it would look cool - retro - with style - or houndstooth - Something that we can put on, looks good, and also be easily removed as well - in case you don't like it or just want to...
  13. 7/22 Blend Date thread -

    Tomorrow's the big day... for 7/22 - #1246 here - not really sure what that means - fingers crossed that everything stays on schedule and my top is not a diaster, and if it is, that Ford comes up with a way to make us whole.
  14. Any pics of window tint on 2021 Bronco?

    Hi - I am patiently waiting for my build sticker - but in the meantime I am starting to make plans. I see many have mentioned tinting the front windows - has anyone done it and have any pics - photoshop ok, of A51, 4 door, BD non-sas with front tinted windows ? Any thoughts on this, any downsides?
  15. Rear size question on 4 door - with seats folded down - and headrests tipped back < 6 feet

    Hi everyone, I did not notice this before - until @Toccoa put up a picture today for another reference. The picture is below. Here is my issue, regarding the 4 door - what is the length of the cargo compartment when the seats are folded down like in the picture below? What is the distance...
  16. Interior thread - 2018-2021 Wrangler JL 4 door vs 2021 Bronco - from people that have seen (Bronco) & own JL

    Hi - I made this thread to get opinions from actual owners of Wrangler JL. Exterior and interior are both important to me, so this is a comparison of both vehicals. Not the LR or the 4Runner, not BMW or Porsche or Gwagen references. I have seen a lot of complaints on the interior lately. I...
  17. Accessories website not working properly

    What happened to the accessories page ? Even the catalog is dead - what type of cover up is this ? ## update - catalog page back up - so what happened to the thread that was here ?
  18. Offsets question

    HI - are all the wheels you offer zero offset ? That means each one would poke out quite a bit on a standard Bronco model - non SASQ ? Can you make a diagram with the Bronco and the amount of poke we can expect with zero offset and a base model for example ? Also is it safe to assume we will...
  19. Can some photoshop this for me - please ?

    Hi - can someone photoshop the retro strip kit onto a 4 door Area51, BlackDiamond without SASQ? Please?
  20. Dealership appearance schedule and registering - find your local dealer [add your findings to first post!]

    HI everyone - grabbing the roadshow links - enter the name of your local dealership - it may be case sensitive too - so try it a few different ways - Edit by @elmystico 3/30/21: After the awesome and big data dump by @chownd, I reformatted all the events within it and separated them by...