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  1. 9/19/22 Build Week

    Bahahahaha that’s the second time someone got me with that one. I had it coming for sure! I still say it in my head every time I see another color on the road. I stopped saying it out loud because it annoys my wife and I annoy her plenty already. where’s @CTownPride with his update?
  2. 9/19/22 Build Week

    Lol a day after my delivery date I received my baby pic.
  3. My wife recorded my son’s reaction when I brought the Bronco home

    He woke up this morning doing more of the same. It reminded me of the old Adam Sandler albums where he played the excited southerner. Lots of partial words and fragmented sentences filled with excitement. However when it was time to get out and go to daycare it was the complete opposite...
  4. My wife recorded my son’s reaction when I brought the Bronco home

    My youngest son Henry is obsessed w all vehicles. He loves our old wrangler when we had it. He will sit in our Humvee and play in it for hours like it’s a jungle gym. However I’ve been waiting for my bronco for nearly half his entire lifespan and it finally showed up today. Here was his...
  5. 9/19/22 Build Week

    After 569 days it has arrived. It’s so damn dark here. We get like 8 min of sunlight.
  6. Unofficial "InTransit" thread

    I've been so crushed lately. I can hardly even come on here. My build has been locked in a rail car a few miles from my house and hasn't moved an inch in nearly a week. Good news is that I'll be traveling Thursday - Sunday so hopefully when I get back I can complete my purchase next Monday...
  7. 9/19/22 Build Week

    My rail car has arrived. Dealer needs to confirm timing but I’m thinking I take delivery Tuesday
  8. Bucking Bronco emblem in bronze color?

    I had a guy custom paint a Ford badge on Etsy. It’s pretty nice. I’d assume shops do the horse too.
  9. Is Ford still sending out Assembly Line Photos?

    Hit or miss. I was build in sept and still don’t have mine. A handful of our build week never got them.
  10. Unofficial Awaiting Shipping thread.

    They just joined and have one message in their history. I'm assuming they likely recently ordered a Bronco Sport and don't know there's a difference between the two. I don't think we're actually tracking them. (Unless your message was sarcastic and I missed it)
  11. Unofficial "InTransit" thread

    What’s vinview and how can I use it? I’ve been stuck in Chicago for nearly a week. It just departed yesterday.
  12. Off road near Minoqua, WI?

    I have 75 acres of old logging quarry land in El Paso, wi. As of now we only do atv and dirt biking but I’ve been thinking of widening some of the trails for the bronco.
  13. What's on your Bronco Christmas Wish List?

    Trail sight delete by @50 Deep !!
  14. Favorite Bronco Lines

    Lol what? How does it sound?
  15. 9/19/22 Build Week

    I was moved to 12/6-12/12 despite the rail car arriving in Chicago last Friday.
  16. Unofficial Awaiting Shipping thread.

    It’s also unusual that we ordered a new car two years ago and are still waiting for it to show up.
  17. 9/19/22 Build Week

    Thank you. I’ve noticed the lack of updates and eventual moves with rail car tracking. Really trying hard to forget about it for now since at least it’s moving. Others are in a much worse spot.
  18. 9/19/22 Build Week

    I don't quite understand what I'm looking at but I like that things can still be moving.
  19. Unofficial "InTransit" thread

    First person that says "It's worth the wait" after getting their Bronco will be forced to lower their suspension and put tiny wheels and low profile tires on their vehicle. Lots of vehicles getting stuck in Chicago and left in "offered to foreign carrier". Apparently that's a giant holding yard?
  20. Unofficial Awaiting Shipping thread.

    Probably a good call. It's super disappointing to see that "shipped" doesn't necessarily mean that it's on its way however I agree it's a step above "Awaiting Shipment". I will say that I'm happy to see there haven't been any "it's worth the wait posts" recently.