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  1. DV8 Offroad | Tube Fender Flares

    Also not compatible with heritage.....

    Since DED was cancelled, shameless plug for their current you tube content....
  3. Help Me Convince Mabett to Make THIS

    Why dont you just water proof the Ford Cover? People have been waterproofing fabric for quite a long time.
  4. HOSS 3.0 severe duty STEERING RACK and TIE RODS parts has arrived [part number NB3Z-3504-M]

    Havent gotten through all the thread yet, but....the 5.2L block is too wide for the Bronco Frame due to the DOHC set up. You wont get it in. The 7.3 with the pushrods is actually a lot smaller than the 5.XL block and fits in the Bronco.
  5. ADV Bronco Hardtop Pricing ANNOUNCED

    Its almost like making things is hard work that takes time.
  6. Article: Wrangler still outsells Bronco 2 to 1. Here's why.

    With MAP producing 2 vehicles and it being about the same size as Toledo North that only produces Wrangler. Bronco will always be outsold by Wrangler. None of this is shocking.
  7. Amount of usage with your Bronco -

    Got it on September...drove 1300 miles has 2800 miles on it. 1500 miles in 10 months. Yeah, I feel a little guilty.
  8. Rusted Hubs(?)

    Congrats on being productive....doesn't it feel better!
  9. Rusted Hubs(?)

    Um Yeah...that is why the warranty says Body panels... The OP stated.... " The dealer I purchased from said there's a 12 month Rust warranty with Ford and I should be able to get these replaced. " Just trying to educate them about what the reality of their rust warranty is, not just blandly...
  10. Rusted Hubs(?)

    Corrosion Warranty Ford warranty corrosion coverage includes perforation only and lasts five years or unlimited miles. It applies to your car’s body sheet metal panels or aluminum body panels. This means that if parts of your car are damaged by rust within the first five years, you don’t have to...
  11. Changing area room off rear cargo area? L:ike this?
  12. 2 door hot seat hack. Prevent 3rd degree butt burns with the top off by folding seats forward

    Umm...Mesh Bimini top.....problem solved. Its been SO amazing for me.
  13. M210 Front Axle Swap?

    Did you call the Ford Performance Tech Line? I heard it was pretty helpful.
  14. Early peek @ ROBINS EGG BLUE 2023 Bronco Color, Heritage Edition w/ Squared Flares and Painted MOD Hard Top!

    Technically 4 for the Passenger front fender as the everglades has a cut out for the snorkel, and Heritage does not.
  15. Ford damaged vehicle being sold as new

    Ford usually has one dealer in the area with a body shop that they have do transportation damage that they find prior to delivery. So if the damage was found at the rail hub, chances are there is a dealer around that rail hub with a body shop that does their repairs. You might be able to find...
  16. Finally Found 2 Perfect DOG Items! Check out My Cargo Cover & Back Seat Hammock! 🐶 We bought a pair of these as our dogs have stepped on the buckles before and unlatched themselves. These prevent that and especially...
  17. Keep the dogs in with the top off?

    I like to use sleepypod harnesses as they are crash tested for the dog safety.
  18. Tufskinz interior accents

    They arnt stickers.....they are overlays so they are a hard plastic.... They still look as bad as the stickers though.
  19. Soft top storage

    I hung a board from the garage ceiling with that metal that they hanf garage door tracks with. The rear sits on that and the front of it hangs by chains through two of the holes at the very ends of the metal parts. it seems to work as I can get the heavy part on the board and then raise one...
  20. Anyone make Plastic Bed Rail Caps?

    They should be able to attach at the three bolts per side for the roofs since you wont use them as the same time as a roof...