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  1. New Trailsight Deletes (still functional) from Stallion 4x4 (Quadratech?)

    Do these help with aero for the drag strip? Do they improve driver visibility over the hood? Am I the only one who likes the stock trail sites?
  2. Show us your trailer being towed using a Badlands

    Right now it is an inverted 2” drop, so it is up 2” but I probably need to flip it back down to a 2” drop to level the trailer out. I just grabbed this hitch and ball out of my wife’s Honda Pilot on the fly.
  3. Resetting TPMS on manual transmission Bronco?

    You don't need to do this as of about 2016 and newer. The ford learning system has been automatic on all cars for several years, as long as it has compatible sensors on it. Even when you rotate, the car will re-learn the position of each wheel after a short drive.
  4. Resetting TPMS on manual transmission Bronco?

    Drive it 10-20 miles. As long as they are ford sensors, and the seller didn't take the sensors out before selling, they will learn themselves. No tools needed. That said, there may be a chance the seller took the sensors out and put regular valve stems in.
  5. Full paint correction and ceramic coating results ✨🤩

    I went with the Mabett mudflaps which can be found on Amazon. They work good and look okay.
  6. Full paint correction and ceramic coating results ✨🤩

    ^^ This! ^^ I've been trying to get this orange "Carolina Clay" mud coating as my paint protection, but those damn mud flaps and side steps do too good of a job blocking it. And I don't even have a winch. ;
  7. Show us your trailer being towed using a Badlands

    I tow a 17ft Robalo center console fishing boat, 2.7L with Sasquatch 4.7 gearing helps a lot. Fully loaded with trailer probably about 2,900 pounds. Tows like a dream. Tongue weight is roughly 280 pounds give or take. In the 2nd photo you can see there is minimum sag in the rear suspension...
  8. No Problems / Issues For My Bronco!

    Like many, I had been waiting in anxious anticipation to have my Bronco delivered. December 2021 walk-in order, so I honestly did not expect to get my rig this year. I took delivery on October 5th. So as of today, I am almost 3 weeks and 1,100 miles in. 4 Door Sasquatch Big Bend soft top...
  9. 🔧 8/22/22 Build Week Group 🔧

    Well, got the call today. Picked it up. Put about 40 miles on it and now it is parked in the driveway ready for me to install some side steps and a few other accessories. The wait is over. So far so good!
  10. 🔧 8/22/22 Build Week Group 🔧

    Congrats to everyone. I am still waiting. 8/22 Blender, North Carolina. I left the forum for about a week to get my mind off of it. But to hear everyone say "worth the wait" is keeping me from going bonkers.
  11. 🔧 8/22/22 Build Week Group 🔧

    I finally got a rail car number and it seems (hopefully) that my Bronco on its way to Dixiana / Columbia SC, via CSX. Once it lands there, it needs to get on a truck 2 hours back north to Charlotte area. 8/22 blender. Sat in parking lot in New Boston, MI for 24 days before getting on a train...
  12. 🔧 8/22/22 Build Week Group 🔧

    Same. Still sitting at ramp 5A in New Boston. Delivery window changed to week ending Sept 30.
  13. 🔧 8/22/22 Build Week Group 🔧

    Well, i've made weekend plans with my Bronco for two consecutive weeks. Perfect weather here in NC. Gonna put the top down. Install my side steps and a few other accessories. Do some driving. Get some mud on the tires. But no, keep having to shift those plans. It will probably be cold here by...
  14. 🔧 8/22/22 Build Week Group 🔧

    Shipped email Sept 3. Still at ramp 5A, New Boston MI. Delivery date pushed from 9/23 to 9/30. Almost a month waiting for a train ride. Even with all this annoyance and disappointment, I am still genuinely happy for those of you getting your rigs!
  15. 🔧 8/22/22 Build Week Group 🔧

    I'm still stuck at the train depot in New Boston, MI. 17 days since I got my "Shipped" email.
  16. New Boston, MI ??

    Bumping. Who else is "Shipped" but been stuck at the ramp / rail depot in New Boston for weeks? Here is a Google Map view of the place. Not far from MAP. Giant lot, I'm guessing it can hold many thousands of vehicles.
  17. New Boston, MI ??

    Does anyone have experience with their Bronco shipping status stuck at Ramp X, New Boston, MI? Anyone in the area know more about this place? Has anyone had a surprise delivery to dealer after Chat telling them last location was New Boston? Background - My vehicle status has been "Shipped"...
  18. 🔧 8/22/22 Build Week Group 🔧

    Shawn, where abouts in NC is your dealer?
  19. 🔧 8/22/22 Build Week Group 🔧

    Congrats Dan! Sorry I missed you today, got busy with work. Would love to catch up some time, whenever I find out where on earth my 8/22 Bronco is!