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  1. Havoc F/R bumpers, Hooke Road step rails, Rigid lights, Antenna delete, Custom heavy mud flaps...exterior mods complete!

    These pictures are probably the best looking exterior add-ons I have seen on a Bronco. They are very much in line with my taste and look requirements. Well done!
  2. Unofficial Awaiting Shipping thread.

    @BRDDOGN well, my dealer just texted me and said that my Bronco (2D, Badlands, Non-S, LUX) is officially showing in Petersburg Auto Yard and can be picked up. It has taken three weeks from the time it left MAP on a train to make it to Virginia. My salesman said that once he can get the "Yard"...
  3. Unofficial Awaiting Shipping thread.

    So the NS pho e number you have been using actually will state "emptied and released"? If so, then my Bronco hasn't gotten to that status yet. Thanks for the information.
  4. Unofficial Awaiting Shipping thread.

    Well, my Bronco still hasn't arrived at my dealership. As of yesterday NS tracking phone line has my rail car "RMT POE". I just don't understand how this takes soooooo long.
  5. Unofficial Awaiting Shipping thread.

    @BRDDOGN My salesman just texted me (today is Thursday) this morning and said that my Bronco should be at the dealership today of Friday. POE means Point Of Entry. It's the Petersburg Auto Rail Yard. Once ground transportation is complete, I should be done with this process.
  6. Unofficial Awaiting Shipping thread.

    @BRDDOGN My dealer said (drink) that once it gets to Petersburg Auto Yard he will have it marked "Hot". That status supposedly makes it move quicker because its a customer order. He might be blowing smoke in my face but we will see what happens.
  7. Unofficial Awaiting Shipping thread.

    @BRDDOGN As of this morning (Tuesday) my rail car is in Crewe, Virginia. It should be able to easily make it to Petersburg by this afternoon. Now I need to make sure my dealer has ground transport arranged so it doesn't sit on the rail yard lot.......My wait is nearing an end!
  8. Unofficial Awaiting Shipping thread.

    That's interesting because my rail car is also still sitting in Bellevue, Ohio. I guess even though we have different rail car numbers maybe both ourcarswe be heading to Petersburg at the same time.
  9. Unofficial Awaiting Shipping thread.

    @BRDDOGN it seems like my Bronco might be on the same rail car you are tracking. My Bronco needs to go to Petersburg, VA also. How did you find out the rail car is scheduled to arrive on November 16th? The rail number I have been using is TTGX 922040 that car has been in Bellview,Ohio for about...
  10. Unofficial Awaiting Shipping thread.

    I got the same email moving my delivery window to November 24th. My blend date was August 22, 2022. I did contact FORD chat yesterday and they finally provided me a rail car number. As of yesterday, there was no tracking information on the rail car available.
  11. Unofficial Awaiting Shipping thread.

    Thanks for the update. My has been showing "in transit" for nearly 60 days. I am going to ask my dealer to look at VINview and see what it is showing.
  12. Unofficial Awaiting Shipping thread.

    This is an interesting response. I will be driving by that location on Saturday and view the lot inventory and space. My Bronco will also be arriving by rail to that location some day.
  13. Unofficial Awaiting Shipping thread.

    @FordMotorCompany you have got to look into these shipping delays. My Bronco was built on August 22nd and no one seems to know where it is located. This isn't a new start up company like RIVIAN this is FORD MOTOR COMPANY the industrial leader in America for the past 100 years......come on FORD!
  14. Cash or Credit.

    I feel that CASH is the only way to take advantage of the Price Protection offer for early reservation holders. The economy has drastically change since I first reserved. The value of the dollar is weaker and interest rates have doubled. If I finance the Bronco the price protection will just get...
  15. In Charlotte, NC - How long should I expect build to delivery to be?

    My blend date was 8/22/22 and the Bronco is showing "in transit" but it is still sitting at FORD MAP waiting for rail car movement. You have a very long wait ahead.
  16. Post Tracking Depression

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You can start tracking my shipping progress. That should keep you occupied for at least another 6 weeks... haha
  17. Unofficial Awaiting Shipping thread.

    I had a blend date of 8/22/22 - My Bronco is be shipped by rail. As of today, my dealer still hasn't received the shipment yet........Don't expect your Bronco anytime soon even once it's built. FoMoCo just keeps moving my delivery estimate window future down the calendar. Very poor overall...
  18. Got my production line photo

    Well, I finally got my production line photo. It is on its way to the dealership. I reserved on August 19, 2020 and converted to an order on 2/24/21. Looking forward to having this vehicle. The only thing I changed during my wait was that I dropped the tow package.........Blend date 8/23/22
  19. What's your Bronco replacing in your garage?

    My new Bronco will be replacing my aging 2028 Honda Zulu SUV!