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  1. Diode Dynamics fog lights

    Received my Black Friday order today aswell. Appreciate the stickers, air freshener and t shirt. Won’t be able to install until my bronco gets here (if it will ever ship out ), but looks like a very nice and quality kit.
  2. 11/7/22 Build Week w/ Spreadsheet

    Built now, but my delivery window just keeps pushing out, still awaiting shipping
  3. ICONIC SILVER Bronco Club

    Awesome. Looks great.
  4. Leather Seat Options

    I called 2 local Katskin’s dealers near me And both told me they have options starting at $1600-1800 depending on The seat design stitching pattern and colors chosen.
  5. Confirmed “Chip Hold” Thread

    Start a chat session and ask them for build status and ask them directly if they see a chip hold. Have your vin handy to provide them.
  6. Mud flaps for Sasquatch?

    Yea understandable, I want to put them as soon as I take delivery for that reason.
  7. Mud flaps for Sasquatch?

    I went with Rekgen XL for front with the Black Friday sale. Just waiting on my bronco now to install them.
  8. Confirmed “Chip Hold” Thread

    Agreed. once it’s on chip hold it seems to throw the process off if any. I keep looking back at previous threads and see other people in same situations, but it’s still so frustrating. Like they don’t care once it’s parked off site. There’s no urgency to do anything with our vehicles I did...
  9. Confirmed “Chip Hold” Thread

    The ford tracker link in that the emails. And also the order tracker that’s linked in this forum.
  10. The new Who’s on chip hold thread

    thanks. Im Sitting at a week after tracker switched to built, coming up on 30 days after blend date….frustrating part is my dealer is only 20 mins from plant and I know they have a few that where on chip hold just waiting to be shipped.
  11. The new Who’s on chip hold thread

    Has anyone that’s been on chip hold and then got a built email within the last two weeks shipped out?
  12. HVAC Temperature Digital Readout Dials Are Back For 2023 Broncos!

    Yup, I don’t have the temp on the knobs in my f-150 with the 12” screen and I’ve never once thought that they are needed. It’s easy enough to see the temp on the screen as you turn the knobs.
  13. Unofficial Awaiting Shipping thread.

    So how long have some Of you guys convoy deliveries been awaiting shipping after getting chip installed?
  14. 11/7/22 Build Week w/ Spreadsheet

    I am an 11/07 blend and 6/1072 wildtrak. Was on chip hold untill 11/27 when tracker switched to built. Now awaiting shipping, since 11/27. It is for sure frustrating when I go to the 11/28 build week thread and see 23s getting built and shipped with 2 days of build dates while we wait. It...
  15. 11/7/22 Build Week w/ Spreadsheet

    What will come first my assembly line picture or a shipping notice lol. mines been sitting at built awaiting shipping since Sunday the 27th
  16. Where you getting your oil changes?

    Ford Dealer. Usually a coupon or ford pass points and can book online in advanced so can just drop off and come back hour or two later.
  17. 11/14/22 Build Week - w/Spreadsheet

    My 11/07 week build was stuck on in production from 11/09 untill 11/27 (ford chat confirmed chip hold). Now it’s been on built awaiting shipping since the 27th.
  18. Things I wish I knew before going to a Bronco Off-Roadeo - add yours

    We had a few spots where our guide let us go on our own as he was spotting others, but he did mention that if we get to a spot we don’t feel safe, or comfortable to honk or chime in on the radio for him. There’s a couple spots where rocks shifted that he said weren’t there yesterday.