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  1. New HAVOC Offroad Bumpers - NOW SHIPPING

    Has anyone installed the Winch bumper on a Lux package with front camera? I would like to know how much the light bar interferes with the view? I see that the adaptive cruise remains in place and confirmed with a call to Havoc, but they could not really answer the question on the camera...
  2. Havoc F/R bumpers, Hooke Road step rails, Rigid lights, Antenna delete, Custom heavy mud flaps...exterior mods complete!

    You said you don't want a winch, but would this bumper accept a winch without messing with the adaptive cruise? I know the camera would be an issue with the bar. I am looking at Rock Hard 4x4 front bumper which has attachments on the front for a winch plate and a light bar and comes with an...
  3. First Look! ORACLE Bronco Side Mirrors w/ Integrated LED Ditch Lights

    I did it! I think they look good, obviously or I wouldn't have ordered them, but I really like the idea of having them on my mirrors and there is nothing preventing the addition of conventional ditch lights. I will most likely get the light kit for the Mod bumper too.