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  1. 35" Nokian Snow Tires Mounted on Wildtrak Bronco

    $550 per tire...Canadian here
  2. 35" Nokian Snow Tires Mounted on Wildtrak Bronco

    Just got my Nokian Tyres, Hakkapeliita LT315/70R17 tires. Can't wait to use them.
  3. Bronco Raptor Driving in Snow Storm - First Experience

    Good to see. Curious, in snow like that, why not use 4H and slippery?
  4. Winter Tire Knowledge

    The Nokian LT3 comes in the right size, I just bought them. Limited supply due to shipping delays though
  5. Winter Tire Knowledge

    4 tires, 4 rims, 4 sensors...$3,200 Canadian. Pricey but should be worth it
  6. Winter Tire Knowledge

    Thank you, Cheers. I ended up buying the Nokian LT3 tires
  7. Winter Tire Knowledge

    Thank you, appreciate it
  8. Winter Tire Knowledge

    Hi all, is there much difference between these 2 winter tires? I ask due to pricing and shipping/delivery time. 1. Yokohama Ice Guard GO75 2. Nokia Tyres Hakkapeliitta LT3 Also, I get snow/Ice for 4 months or so....however the roads are well kept. Studded tires aren't necessary... right? Thanks
  9. Hi, need input please

    I have a 2021 Wildtrak so, that has the Sasquatch package and it comes with the Good Year 35 inch LT 315/70R17 tires. I have done research but I'm not a tire guy. I live where there is snow for at least 4 months and it can get heavy and slick. Are the tires I have good enough for a heavy winter...
  10. Selling, Info needed please

    Ya, thanks. We've spent a lot of time working on it. She isn't getting it and just has zero interest now
  11. Selling, Info needed please

    30 years of marriage my issues here
  12. Selling, Info needed please

    Hey, my wife is not used to the size or Shape of it. Driving is no issue for her but she can't park it.
  13. Selling, Info needed please

    Morning all, We are a 1 car family and my wife is having trouble driving our Bronco. As much as I don't want to, I have to sell it. It's a 2021 loaded Wildtrak with 21,000 Kim's. Mint shape never driven off road, all packages, area 51, 4 door, hard top. Are there American sites that buy...
  14. Question...ive had my Wildtrak for only 2 months. I am finding it doesnt handle well in heavier rain.

    This concerns me about snow as I live where there is a lot of snow. Has anybody driven theirs in heavy and prolonged snow? How does it handle. I assume you put it on slippery mode in the snow. Thanks
  15. Curious, in the USA, what would a 2021 Wildtrak, every package, hard top, 16,000 klm's (8,000 roughly miles) sell for $ wise

    Curious, in the USA, what would a 2021 Wildtrak with every package, a hard top and 16,000 Kim's (roughly 8,000 miles) sell for in American dollars?
  16. Anyone Care to Help a Rookie?

    I have a 2021 wildtrak Are you in Canada or the USA