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  1. Pennsylvania Rough Country Spare Tire Relocation Bracket

    New. Unused. No longer needed 50 picked up 18074
  2. Pennsylvania Badlands Trim Rings with Trail Petina

    Five badlands trim rings. One no dings. The other have love. as pictured. 200 for all. Easily repaired with filler and painted. I went full beadlock, thus why I’m selling. 200 all 5 meet me near 19473
  3. Pennsylvania 1.5 hub centric wheel spacers with nuts

    1.5 inch Aluminum hub-centric pony wheel spacers kit. Used for two weeks? Pulled because I don’t like the poke look after a trial period. Hahaha 75 cash picked up in 18074. 100 shipped.
  4. New Sticker Came In

    We are going to need them….. Gimme a follow on Instagram, love seeing everyone’s broncos getting out there! I haven’t been here as much lately! @Werkedperformance
  5. The Trail Carnage Thread….. Show Yours

    Let’s see what everyone has banged up beat up and “personalized”
  6. Glazed Bronco (Ice)

    Freezing rain. The windows worked fine. check out this slow mo of the ice “exploding” off the tire!
  7. Pennsylvania 285/70/17 BFG KO2 x 5 Stock badlands tires

    5 x 285/70/17 range C 4 at 13/32” 1 new at 15/32” tread $750 for all 5. located in 18074/ 19422
  8. Raptor Too Wide for East Coast?

    The more I off-road the Bronco the more I think Raptor is too much width. Most of the trails are primarily used by Jeeps which partially dictates their width. I was tight in a lot of spots at AOAA Sunday , and wouldn’t have appreciated the width. The tire size yes, width no. Would Braptor have...
  9. Badlands 4 Door Beadlock Mode CG Man(Squatch?)

    More door CG Badlands non Sasquatch base package, tow, option wheels, MIC 315/70/17 Falken Wildpeak AT3W Ford Performance Beadlocks No lift 1.5 Spacers Spare tire rubbers removed Third brake in upper mounting holes
  10. Apex Deflator Valves

    Confirmed fittement on beadlocks with XL valves and flipped seals.
  11. Pennsylvania WTT Non Squatch for Squatch flares

    WTT non Squatch for Squatch flares. Work in blue bell, live near collegeville. 19422/18074 (SEPA)

    Really excited Loren is in 4th after qualifying in the new IFS/IRS truck. Vaughn is in like 55 or something? looked like something went wrong, he lose speed half course and stayed slow thereafter. @goatman2 any pics of the new trition truck loren has?
  13. Timascus “Dog Tag” Replacement Badge

    Thought I’d share some pictures of my Friday night project…. Replacing the “dog tag” at the shifter that has born in Dearborne. Nothing wrong with the idea /love the concept, just making some one off bling bling for my own rig. Timascus is titanium “Damascus”. Layers of titanium with different...
  14. New Traxxas Bronco Colors Oxford White, Velocity Blue, Iconic Silver, and Shadow Black.
  15. Bronco Frame/Suspension Reinforcement And Gusset Compilation Thread (please sticky will keep updated)

    Foutz Motorsports Front Lower Control Arm Mounting Point Gussets: Fixed: Adjustable: Zone Offroad Locking Alignment Tabs...
  16. Front Lower Subframe/Control Arm “tab” reinforcements

    I emailed Foutz Motorsport today, no reply yet. They do them for raptors…… anyone seen tab plates yet? they are low hanging fruit, skid plate doesn’t do shit. Obviously it also means I’ll need heim joint upper control arms, but mid travel kit has them, so……
  17. Baja Kits Prerunner Kit

    "- CAD designed Billet UCA and Boxed LCA - Trophy Truck grade Delrin bushings with grease fittings for industry leading durabilty and a quiet, no squeak ride - 1" Hi angle Trophy Truck grade uniball's replace the weak stock ball joints that fail under high angles and loads seen from normal...
  18. Don’t Stop Believing (Positive notes from delivered trucks)

    If you are happy and you know it make a post, add a picture. Let’s have good thoughts for those waiting! It is a beast. Ford killed it, unreal what a box stock Badlands can do even on all terrains. This thing is worth the aggravation/wait if you think it’s for you. Can’t wait to see what the...
  19. Maxi Trac Dual Compressor (NAPA)

    Video says alot about initial performance. Long term???? I found a second video that re- confirmed these test results. 20% off right now too if you buy 3 items. I got the digital deflator, and trash sack. All Maxi Trac branded.
  20. Wharton State Forest Jersey Pine Barrens

    Went east today with the whole family in the Bronco to Atco, Nj. Traffic was terrible in Philly so we were late getting out. Only explored the western outskirts of the park roads. Holes get unexpectedly deep, fast. Got high centered as soon as I felt I knew what to expect. My buddy pulled me out...