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  1. Any issues with TPMS working in aftermarket wheels?

    Anyone have any issues with TPMS working properly when replacing OE wheels with aftermarket? I am about to dive into a set of Method 701's and am wondering if I need to tell the vendor anything about preserving TPMS capability so that I can continue to monitor pressure on screen.
  2. Stronger Battery / Optima's Yellow Top battery?

    Does anyone have experience with Optima's Yellow Top battery? I have been contemplating options for more robust power while camping in remote locations. With lighting mods and use of 12V accessories (air pump for mattress, small coffee/cooking kettle, etc.), and sometimes in extreme weather...
  3. Tow Package: difference between factory -installed and dealer-installed?

    A few weeks ago I deleted the factory tow package on my ordered Badlands Sasquatch in hopes it will shorten the wait time, assuming it is still a constraint (I don't need tow capability for the first several months after delivery anyway). I know it can be added at the dealer later. Does anyone...
  4. Super Bowl, Rams or Bengals?

    Just for laughs, let's see where our forum friends sit with their Super Bowl predictions: