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  1. 12/5/2022 Build week with spreadsheet

    It means the modules that control "everything" haven't been powered up. Once the modules are on, you're complete. Modules make more sense when you are making changes through Forscan. You realize just how they much computerization is involved in making these things run.
  2. 12/5/2022 Build week with spreadsheet

    Window sticker is finally up for Wife's WT. 12/7 blend date; 816/1105.
  3. Very impressed with mishimotos cai short review and initial impressions.

    Have to find time to get it on the dyno to compare with stock before other up grades... But I'm am extremely satisfied with the sound. It's not obnoxious and has just a bit more throated sound than stock. In sport it sounds much more spirited. The butt dyno says it has much more pep, but haven't...
  4. 12/5/2022 Build week with spreadsheet

    Still holding at 12/5...If it stays, then should get window sticker next week.
  5. 12/5/2022 Build week with spreadsheet

    Hey everyone... Coming from 11/14 build week MY23 WT. 2nd build so I'll just patiently wait
  6. 11/14/22 Build Week - w/Spreadsheet

    Well I knew it would happen. No big deal since this is our 2nd build, but just wanted to say good luck to everyone. Ford has moved me from 11/14 to 12/5 on our MY23 WT. We've had our 1st one for a year now and it's worth the wait... See everyone around!
  7. 11/14/22 Build Week - w/Spreadsheet

    Strange that 2022 builds have been pushed to 11/14 but backdoor tracker still has my 23 scheduled for week of 11/14... Think when I do get pushed it will be behind everyone that has already been pushed back...
  8. 11/14/22 Build Week - w/Spreadsheet

    I haven't been moved either since my first move to 11/14. Not sure if that means it will be a big move beyond everyone that's moved, or a small move since they think they will have the commodities needed????
  9. Ford still sending Bronco swag? New item received

    Lol I get it. I'm over 800 on this build, but at least it's my 2nd build. Got my first one last October.
  10. Ford still sending Bronco swag? New item received

    It's been over 800 days since reservation, not order is what he's referencing.
  11. 11/14/22 Build Week - w/Spreadsheet

    That means they will be moving the 23's from 11/14 then....
  12. Please, please buy 5...

    I'm not even thinking bout the spare for emergencies, I'm thinking the challange I would have on a tire rotation since I do a 5 tire rotation every 5k miles...
  13. INCOMING: Driveshaft Recall (Customer Satisfaction Program 22B27) - replacement needed to avoid cracked boot

    9/27 build. I'm safe! Last time I had to get front diff leak fixed it took a week...
  14. 11/7/22 Build Week w/ Spreadsheet

    Unfortunatly I'm moving to 11/14 for our second build, but I can attest based on our 1st build, your Dane will love rides in the Bronco!!! I take our grandbaby Dane everywhere. Mention the Bronco and those ears flop and she's headed to the door. In a flash, 170lbs is leaping into the back...
  15. How to DIY install an ARB Compressor in a Ford Bronco (+GIVEAWAY!)

    I'm in. Been waiting for more options to choose from for mounting.
  16. Rail Strike Part Two

    Typically an OP will post a situation that directly impacts them, but also that same info could impact others. Which in thousands of threads on B6g has helped many people either through setting expectations, maintance, or purchasing. It's what has made this group helpful over the years.
  17. 11/14/22 Build Week - w/Spreadsheet

    Finally got word I was bumped from 11/7 to 11/14. Hopefully I can get settled in here before getting bumped again. Not too worried since this one is for the wife. Our first build we actually got moved up once, so there's that...
  18. 📬 2023 Bronco production scheduled build emails now going out! Gets yours yet?

    I get the same issue on Chrome, Chrome incognito, and Microsoft Edge. It has to be an issue on Ford's end for a few builds. It used to work when I got my fist scheduling email, then it broke...
  19. 📬 2023 Bronco production scheduled build emails now going out! Gets yours yet?

    So I got the email last week with build week of 11/7. The mobile backdoor link doesn't show a date which i believe is normal. However, desktop site now doesn't show Bronco build, build date, dealer info or anything other than my name and address... Anyone else with backdoor link issues?