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  1. No Doors, No Top, maybe no floormats

    I've been enjoying this nice Nashville weather without the doors and top for a couple months now. I decided to make a little trip yesterday and ended up on the interstate for a bit. As it turns out, those floor mats don't like 70+ MPH winds without some feet on them. I think the front...
  2. AREA 51 Bronco Club

    I went with the same wheels and 35 12.50 Nittos and a leveling kit. Rides great, well worth it. It does sling a little mud without the wider fenders, but not too bad.
  3. ERUPTION GREEN Bronco Club

    I am just replying because of the Big Orange T. Go Vols. 1992 alum
  4. 📝 UPDATE Dec 12th: My Letter to the Ford Executive Team: Submitted Customer Feedback Proposal and Response

    Let me get this right, you are writing upper management about quality issues on a vehicle that you have not received or purchased?? I have had mine for a month, absolutely zero issues. I know 4 other people that have gotten theirs, zero issues. There is always going to be a few issues with...
  5. Going 35's on 7MT Big Bend. Will I lose 6th gear?

    I put 35's on mine this week. 2.3 with manual. I cant tell any difference in the power on the highway. It might have affected it a little when in 4WD and at low speeds, but not enough to matter. Go with the 35's, its a good fit. i did get a 1" leveling kit.
  6. Fuel economy 2 door verses 4 door 2.3 manual

    first 500 miles and i am averaging 15.9. Majority of that is city driving. 2.3 with manual.
  7. Quality of VisionX vs Rigid vs Baja Designs vs Diode Dynamics

    I got some Baja XL pro lights for my badlands. I ordered them with the upfitter harness. They are very bright and seem to be excellent quality. Brackets and housings are heavy duty. Harness made wiring easy. Came with extra lenses to adjust light patterns. I don't think anybody would be...
  8. Manual Transmission on the 6 cylinder engine

    I think you will fit. I'm 6-1 and cant reach the clutch with the seat all the way back. They did a good job with the design.
  9. Baja Design Pillar lights from

    I probably called around 5p CT on Friday and again on Saturday. Its no problem, I got everything ordered thru your website. You had the best prices on the Baja XL pros. They are scheduled to be delivered tomorrow. Thanks!
  10. Baja Design Pillar lights from

    I ordered a set Friday online, but wasnt able to get them to answer the phone. I guess i missed my discount. But i did get a free T-Shirt. Cant wait until they arrive, tracking says Wednesday, but with this Bronco deal, ive had to become a patient person.
  11. Manual Transmission on the 6 cylinder engine

    Maybe they will offer the manual in the 6.7L. Thats what we need. Im not used to buying gasoline!
  12. 🛠 10/11/21 Build Week Group

    I wouldn't give those trackers too much credit. THey are behind for sure. Mine still says awatiing shipment, but i got it last Friday. Yours will probably just show up one day unannounced. Good Luck! 1/13 built, 10/22 delivered
  13. Thoughts of Rigid Off-Road Lights with Colored LED Backlights

    I couldn't decide on a color either. I looked at them for so long i finally just switched to a Baja XL Pro 4" cube lights. I think I was going with the white backlight on the Rigid, but just couldn't pull the trigger. Baja has adjustable light patterns with lenses and the mounts have two...
  14. Show us your installed wheel / tire upgrades here! (Pics)

    I have to admit, i am just looking for one to copy and i think i found it. That setup looks great. Keeping those tires tucked makes all the difference and i had not thought about swapping for the sas flares. Nice build.