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  1. Shackle housing on capable bumper installed incorrectly - something to add to your purchase checklist!

    All, I didn't see it when I picked up my ride from the dealership yesterday, but this morning, I noticed that both of the plastic housings around the shackles were not pushed/clipped all the way flush with the bumper. After removing the plastic housings, I saw what the problem was. Clips...
  2. For New England folks purchasing at Chapman Ford of Horsham

    All, I reached out to @DealerInsider about the issue where Mass residents are penalized for living in this pothole-riddled hellhole by the RMV not allowing temp plates. Here are the options I received from Tom: Massachusetts: Option 1: Take receipt of the Bronco with temp plates, drive off...
  3. Any update on mobile apps?

    I had asked earlier about the use of Tapatalk and @Administrator mentioned mobile apps were being worked on. Just checking in to ask about progress and anticipated launch date. Thanks.
  4. This forum on Tapatalk?

    Is this forum able to be accessed via Tapatalk? I try to add it but the app is saying admins need to do something on the backend to get it to be used. Anyone else what this?