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  1. Mounting options for Rotopax

    I have a Yakima LockNLoad platform and want to mount the Rotopax cans flat as shown in the picture below. The picture is from Yakima websites Jerry can mount, but couldn’t find anything for this type of mount for Rotopax. Anyone mounting Rotopax cans to Yakima platforms?
  2. 2 Door drivers seat adjustment

    When you pull the handle at the top of the back rest and move the seat to the front to gain access to the back, is the seat supposed to stop in the original position when you pull it back?
  3. What parts will I need.

    Like a dump shit, I backed into a parked truck last weekend and did some slight damage to the right rear bumper. The damage is isolated to the bumper as much as I can tell. Cosmetically, it is really minor but the right rear bumper is now in about a 1/2 in and up abut 3/8 from the left side. I...
  4. I must be in the wrong neighborhood

    This quote seems steep? ClearPlex Windshield Protection starting at $1250 This is an optically clear film that goes on the exterior of the windshield. It absorbs impacts of standard road hazards. Reduces the occurrence of rock chips, pitting, and bull’s eyes. Rejects 99% UV.
  5. Are the stock flares sold individually or only sets of 4?

    Are the stock flares sold individually or only sets of 4?
  6. Where is this Navigation Button?

    Maybe I don’t have it with a Black Diamond with standard package?
  7. Any Bronco Showrooms yet?

    I must admit, when I first heard about this dedicated Bronco Showroom a year or so ago, I thought it would be a cool thing. Who doesn’t like to hang out at a Harley dealer after a day of riding? Anyway, has anyone seen one pop up yet? Seems like I’m seeing more Broncos on my local lots now...
  8. Finally found out what number I am.

    The sales manager at my dealer finally told me what number I am at their dealer. I’m the 458th order. He claims to have delivered about 50 so far. Basically said there is no way to know when I’ll get my truck as it’s all about buildable units at this point.
  9. Fiesta Ford has a First Edition

    This dealer in Indio California has a retail First Edition for sale. FUBAR
  10. Changing orders before MY22 open

    For price protection purposes, should you make updates to your order before the MY22 order banks open? I’m still going with the BD but may want to up it to Mid add the tow package again and possibly change color.
  11. These guys need Broncos fast.

    Fairway Ford in Placentia California has just about an empty lot.
  12. Keeping the MIC top looking good?

    Any recommendations on what to use to keep the MIC top protected and looking good?