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  1. Serious Tech Issue - 12 Inch Touchscreen blacked out / bricked (by software update?)

    Is there a way to change vents without access to the screen? Mine is on defrost and I’d really like to at least get some heat to my feet. Minnesota winters can get a little chilly!
  2. Would you like to stay in Sport Mode?

    I wish I had sport mode.
  3. RAKET “Multi-Top” Roof Rack coming soon - Q&A + Input

    Looks great! Any plans for a half rack that only covers the rear clam shell?
  4. ARCHETYPE RACING | BAM-BYODR (Billet Aluminum Modular Bring Your Own Device Rail)

    A new use for my BAM-BYODR and an extra Larue Tactical picatinny scope mount… A removable school pickup sign. #dadlife
  5. New guy. New Bronc

    Well, look what the cat dragged in! Welcome and congrats!
  6. Kuat Piston Pro X Bike Rack + Pivot Pro 2.0 Hitch Extension

    Yup, it’s the v2. It’s really easy to open and close. I just pull the magnetic pin, undo the lever and pull it open.
  7. Kuat Piston Pro X Bike Rack + Pivot Pro 2.0 Hitch Extension

    I originally wanted your setup but couldn’t find the pivot anywhere!
  8. Kuat Piston Pro X Bike Rack + Pivot Pro 2.0 Hitch Extension

    I just got mine yesterday and mounted it last night. It’s beefy! I have it opening to the driver’s side right now. The 275 lb capacity sold me on it, not so much for bikes, but for a cargo basket.
  9. Touch Screen Freezing

    After the last update, my touch screen froze. Everything displays correctly, CarPlay connects, camera view displays, etc. the touch just doesn’t respond. I disconnected the negative terminal on the battery and that didn’t work. I tried the reset recommended in this thread a half dozen times...
  10. AR | MAGNUM STIRRUP® Full Length Billet Aluminum Side Step for OEM Rock Rail - Bronco6G Exclusive Part

    I received mine on Saturday and installed them on Sunday. They look fantastic and are super solid. My kids can now get in with ease and I’m way less concerned with door dings. I couldn’t be happier with the purchase. I might be turning into an Archetype Racing fan boi!
  11. Opinion: Door bags are a must

    I got the strap with bags for my 4-door.
  12. Storing Front Hard Tops

    Outsides to the outside.
  13. Bronco Badge/Decal/Fridge Magnet Issue

    My drivers side one has a bubble.
  14. What's your unpopular Bronco opinion?

    Oooh, I’ve got another one…. If you want a Bronco right now and can afford to pay an ADM to make that happen, I’m happy for you!
  15. What's your unpopular Bronco opinion?

    I’ll play… The Gatorback splash guards are currently the best option available (for rock rail equipped Broncos).
  16. Factory Fog Light Switch

    Finally! Now I just need to order a fog kit…