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  1. Bronco Outer Banks (Non Sasquatch) in Shadow Black All Polished Up

    I'm buying the Bronco as a toy, but I have too many kids and shit to haul around. You can call me Joe, the soccer mom.
  2. Ford Update: Bronco Build & Price coming in **SEPTEMBER** with ordering in December

    These are definitely going to be '22 MY now
  3. Bronco Sasquatch 4-Door Looks Beast Rolling Down Highway

    Lol, the way that video was recorded, really sticking with the big foot sighting feel. @Paint beat me to it, womp womp
  4. Anyone else worried about falling in love with this vehicle.....

    I'm not a blind follower of Ford, but they've consistently earned my business. I'm not worried about the drive quality. Although, I'm sure there will be some whose expectations are going to be different getting into this type of vehicle.
  5. "Cargo Tray" Re-imagined as a drawer

    Never seen that before. Honestly I'm glad you showed me, I'm probably going to pick up a set and see how they work to display at the office. I use a lever action with pretty hot 45lc I reload to deal with hogs, it's short but still pretty heavy...not sure if I'd trust a magnet if you're hitting...
  6. "Cargo Tray" Re-imagined as a drawer

    I use a shelf that goes into the sun visor mounts and then the sun visors reattaches under it. I know the bronco retains the visors with the top off, but it doesn't look like a similar shelf will be feasible to store a firearm on with the aux switches and lights in the center. I haven't found an...
  7. Oxford White, Carbonized Gray, Cactus Gray, Cyber Orange, Rapid Red Colors Previewed by Bronco Sport

    Rapid Red looks great on the Sport. I've been sold on the white/squatch since we had the leak of it in the bay back in March, but I can see why a lot would pick RR, it looks slick. Speaking of Sport, I haven't really paid much attention to it, but seeing it here Ford really has hit a homerun...
  8. Texas volume order start up thread: survey link now included!

    Surprised one hasn't been found yet. Add me to the list.
  9. Standard vs. Signature Lighting

    Base lights all the way
  10. Best Look at Marine Grade Vinyl Seats and 4-Door Bronco Rear Seats Fold Down

    So when are we going to get videos of it on that trail @Administrator ? I'm guessing the short video from earlier was on it but that was minor compared to some parts of it...
  11. B345T to Granger Ford

    Oh my God It was a salesman the entire time
  12. 2021 Bronco delivery now "targeted to begin June 2021" and possibly into 2022

    I'm in for the Bronco as a toy, but I completely understand why people would be frustrated if this was planned to be their daily driver. A year is still a long ways and I'd anticipate more changes to the plan along the way.
  13. Black Diamond Bronco Thread

    I'll admit I have 3 reservations right now. Badlands, Black Diamond, and Base. I wanted to go big at first, but I know I'll be going to the aftermarket anyways so why not start with a blank slate (Base) and I don't need the front disconnect.....but the upgrades to Black Diamond just seem like a...
  14. Considering the cancellation of my Badlands

    Not to point out the thread creator as part of this category, but since the reveal I have seen quite a bit of "concern trolling" on this forum. There are the usual suspects that pop in from time to time but it's mostly newer users creating threads. I'm not saying that not having manual with...
  15. Bronco test driver engineer gives some feedback (white and gray grille and tops coming)

    Yep, I'm pretty dead set on boring oxford white, but if we're getting white tops and grilles I'm probably going to reconsider. Any word on what lift/axle a la carte options might be available @Badgerbrown? Or was your buddy pretty general when he said "lots of options available"?