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  1. Off Roadeo worth attending?

    I tried (even on the sly) but they would not not accept one per corporate rules. Trail guides Johnny and Matt were awesome.
  2. Squatch Flex 💪👀 on completely factory Sasquatch SAS suspension

    Flex video from Vegas Off Roadeo last month. We were the only 2 door in the group. Max angle at this point was 22 degrees. Felt like a lot more.
  3. what else do you ride around in(or on)?

    ‘85 GSL-SE 98% stock
  4. Just Received a VIN

    Our build date was 8/17/22. Bronco arrived at dealer in Olympia on 9/15/22. Went by rail..
  5. Door Hinge Bolt Size Gauge?

    It should be the same size and thread pitch as the Door Alignment Pin that came in you toolkit.
  6. Who wants a retro side trim piece like this?

    Two door length is 136 5/8” point to point.
  7. CARBONIZED GRAY Bronco Club

    Trail turn assist in the sand
  8. Bronco Team 2 door.

    We were finally able to join Team 2 Door last Thursday. It is definitely worth the wait!
  9. 8/15/22 Build Week Group

    Received ours today. Delivery went super smooth, no surprises. Thankful the wait is finally over.
  10. Going to Off Rodeo this Friday 9/16 NV

    Wife and I just attended the Vegas event this past Monday. Far exceeded our expectations. Our trail guides Johnny and Matt were awesome! You’re gonna love it.
  11. 8/15/22 Build Week Group

    Got my picture yesterday as well.
  12. Ok, who is brave enough to order Bronco Sneakers?

    This was my first thought also. Reminds me of this -
  13. you aren't fooling anyone, pal...

    Probably lost a bet.
  14. Looking for Insight Into Frustrating Situation

    Hope you get some help/satisfaction. Thank you for your service. (y)
  15. What if you add/change after scheduling

    Shouldn’t be possible if a VIN has been created, but stranger things have happened during this whole process.
  16. Leather seats flaking before first oil change

    You didn’t happen to wax them did you?:)
  17. Bagged and Body Dropped '69 Bronco

    This sold at Barrett-Jackson in March of 2021 for $85,800. 69 Bronco at BJ