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  1. 2.3 Manual engine/trans noise

    25 Pages of comments on this with no information from Ford. I'm lucky, I'm just over 2k miles and mine only sounds like it has rocks in it when I start it cold and its in neutral, for now, time will tell...
  2. Hesitant buying Bronco with soft top

    I initially wanted a hard top but I love the soft top so much that I may never get a hard top. The convenience of being able to flip the top back or fold back completely is awesome. I have gone through rainstorms, had snow sit on it, hit it with a pressure washer and not had a single leak.
  3. 2.3 Manual engine/trans noise

    This is what we get with a Chinese made transmission, Inconsistency. I had doubts about it going ahead with the order. I’ve been lucky so far, but this conversation leaves me doubtful of the durability of this transmission. This is too bad, because I think that the 7-speed with crawl gear is so...
  4. I need some 7MT owners to lend me their thoughts

    Exactly, Chinese products can be good but they are so inconsistent.
  5. Screen ProTech is Back! Now With Bronco Raptor Screen Protection Film

    I just ordered another set, I recommend getting the extra set. I screwed up the first set. :(
  6. Soft top issues - wind noise from my rear passenger door at 40+ MPH

    Make sure that the window is closing all the way when you shut the door. Sometimes it “forgets” to go up when you shut it. To fix it, roll it down all the way and hold the button down for a count of 5, then roll it up and do the same thing. That might be your problem. I absolutely love the soft...
  7. Finance Office - Sharks Perspective

    In the hour and a half I wasted in the finance office, I probably said “no” 500 times.
  8. New aftermarket Bronco bumper by Shrockworks

    Those look great! I like how high and tight they are on the corners!
  9. 2.7L and 2.3L engine covers! JcrOffroad

    I don’t usually like engine covers because I like engines. But, these look great, well done!
  10. What have you broken on your Bronco so far?

    Cracked windshield at 800 miles 🤬
  11. 2.3L 7MT — lurching/stuttering in low gears between 2-3k RPM

    Hope it gets built soon, you’re going to love the manual transmission!
  12. 2.3L 7MT — lurching/stuttering in low gears between 2-3k RPM

    Well, it finally happened to me. I’m just at about 1,000 miles. This morning after I drove it for a while and parked for an hour. I got back in it and started out and it started bucking in 1st gear. I guess they built the Bronco with bucking built in.
  13. Windshield chip crack woes

    I will be when I get this one replaced. I don’t want to be doing this constantly.
  14. Windshield chip crack woes

    I’m not even at 1,000 miles on my 2022 Badlands. I have been staying further back from other vehicles on the road because I have heard of the problems with the windshield on the Broncos. I recently heard an impact but didn’t see any pits immediately. I noticed yesterday that the impact left an...
  15. Fullscreen Apple CarPlay OTA Update Coming Soon! - Per Ford (Mike Levine)

    Awesome! Next up off-road maps and a more useful instrument cluster layout. Please.
  16. 📊 Bronco September 2022 Sales: 10,892 sold / 13,318 produced

    Yes, I’ve had it for a couple of weeks. Ordered 3/21. Badlands 4-door, 2.3l-7MT, soft top.
  17. 📊 Bronco September 2022 Sales: 10,892 sold / 13,318 produced

    I finally got mine. Purchased September 9th. Loving everything about it!