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  1. Who “really” is Bronco fan?

    I apologize for my initial inattention, my Bronco was a 1993.
  2. Who “really” is Bronco fan?

    I had a 95 Bronco, it got 11 m/gal so I just couldn’t drive it every day. Beautiful truck! Loved it! A few years ago, gave it to my son, he’s done some upgrades- uses it for fun. Forbade him to sell it! Finally …… after having to buy a Ranger in 2019 (also a wonderful truck) because I...
  3. Central TX Bronco Club

    Production is based on when it was reserved and parts availability, like the hard top, micro chips and tow pkgs. I reserved mine July 2020, 2 dr. People who reserved later than me and chose a 4 dr, then switched to soft top - got theirs earlier. The 2 door doesn’t have the option for a soft...
  4. Outer Banks Club

    2.3 , 2 door, high pkg, iconic Silver with blue/gray leather seats. It’s on a rail car somewhere in Ohio today. Reserved it in July 2020, it’s getting closer ….
  5. Outer Banks Club

    Beautiful. Is that the Iconic Silver? That’s the color I got.