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  1. Corsair

    Bay Area Broncos

    Closest to downtown I was today was Lot A by the ballpark. Lol
  2. Rock climbing fail - flipover

    I’d watch of video of theirs here and there, until I saw the husband belittling people upset with ADM and calling them “poors” on Facebook.
  3. Bronco (Ford) BLIS system question.

    That’s cute, it’s almost as if one is more difficult than the other. Regardless, no amount of safety training will overcome the laziness that prevents someone checking their mirrors.
  4. Bronco (Ford) BLIS system question.

    If you feel that you need more training to drive safely, you could always get it on your own, it doesn’t need to be mandatory.
  5. Bronco (Ford) BLIS system question.

    I’ve never had to “focus” on the light, just look in the mirror.
  6. California 4-door Badlands Rock Rails

    I sent you a message with my number.
  7. California 4-door Badlands Rock Rails

    Yes, they are.
  8. [UPDATE - I'm SOL] Golf Mill Ford Stole my Bronco

    They’re almost below 4 stars for their Google reviews. Hopefully they take notice.
  9. Badlands interior in summer?

    Crazy that this is the ad it decided to affiliate with this comment. 😂
  10. Ukraine Microchip Parts-Another Delay

    Russia has shown they are not capable of winning a serious conflict. They are embarrassing themselves.
  11. Ukraine Microchip Parts-Another Delay

    Ukraine is definitely too large for a second rate military to take while maintaining the fiction that they are first rate.
  12. Ukraine Microchip Parts-Another Delay

    Talking about it in terms of wider economic global impacts probably wouldn’t garner much pushback, but writing it in the context of “my Bronco is going to take longer 😔” is probably a bit much for quite a few people to accept lightly.
  13. I am torn. Bronco vs. Daily Driving a Guzzler

    Anyone who thinks we are anywhere near capable of supporting large scale usage of battery powered vehicles isn’t worth taking seriously.
  14. Screw ducks… Broncos it is!

    About what I’d expect out of Washington.
  15. I am torn. Bronco vs. Daily Driving a Guzzler

    I’m just glad that John Kerry’s fears that he voiced earlier today were unfounded, and that the war in Ukraine is not distracting people from the horrors of climate change. 😂
  16. Zone Lighting after recent snow

    I’ve only turned it on once, with the car off.
  17. I am torn. Bronco vs. Daily Driving a Guzzler

    People love to be told what to do by the rich and powerful.
  18. I am torn. Bronco vs. Daily Driving a Guzzler

    I’d rather be selfish than listen to the hypocrites that push policies that wouldn’t affect them. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  19. I have been Ducked!

    Yeah, I definitely heard about it prior to 2020, though I never owned a wrangler or had any friends that do. The practice seems to just be self therapy.