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  1. Things I wish I knew before going to a Bronco Off-Roadeo - add yours

    Sure, but hopefully that won't be the only time you are doing it. My wife and I stayed several days and did hikes around there. Drove the route many times.
  2. Things I wish I knew before going to a Bronco Off-Roadeo - add yours

    For those going to Moab, I would say definitely stay at Red Cliffs lodge (the preferred hotel) because the Off-Rodeo is on site and it being a long day, you want it easy to grab breakfast before leaving and to go back to your room after dinner. The hotel rate was not terrible. There are only...
  3. Rest your Turbos when you park before turning off car?

    I don't think he was making fun of your post. I believe he is thinking (same as me) that the answer to your question was given in the first page and then we got 7 more pages of everyone repeating the same answer over and over and over.
  4. Black Diamond Wheels on a Badlands?

    My God that looks beautiful! (y)😀
  5. I lost a decibel today by adding 3M molding adhesive to T-top

    Just put in a better stereo. :p
  6. Black Diamond vs. Base

    Interesting. At the Utah one it seemed to be the opposite. The guy was getting us to try everything without using the "hero switches". He said everything could be done with driving skill and setting up the right lines beforehand. All the Broncos in the off-rodeo had Squatch and I asked him if...
  7. Black Diamond vs. Base

    I would have gotten cloth if offered.
  8. Black Diamond vs. Base

    I'll give you props for admitting that this whole thread is about the look.
  9. Black Diamond vs. Base

    It's a thing of beauty!
  10. Black Diamond vs. Base

    Everybody has the SAS though. Yes, it's a bigger look, but they are a dime a dozen. You see them everywhere. What is rare to see are those beautiful black steelies!
  11. “What’s in this [software] update” = big bag of nothing

    The other day I FINALLY got a message from Ford that my vehicle had been updated, but according to the app, I quite literally got nothing.
  12. Braptor envy is real

    I don't get the fuss. No envy here. Saw a lady driving a white one in Park City, Utah. It's not horrible, but just looks like a fatter Bronco. I don't see how you'd have more fun off-roading with it. Is it just a a status thing?
  13. 🍂 Show me your Fall (Autumn) Photos! I’ll start.

    Man, I think I like the Bronco better than the nature! That is a beautiful rig!
  14. 🍂 Show me your Fall (Autumn) Photos! I’ll start.

    Bronco was in the rocks, but same trip to Utah in a crappy Jeep Cherokee Lariat rental car had some great fall leaves!
  15. Just returned from Off Roadeo Texas

    I just returned from the Utah version. Fabulous trip! Absolutely amazed at what the Bronco can do even without any of the aids being used. We went up and down stuff that I was looking at and saying "no way!".
  16. So I Found Out Friday Afternoon... While driving in pouring rain with the top off

    That is not a joke. It is very much correct.
  17. The 6G really isn't a rockcrawler.

    This is a great thread. I like the honest talk. I'm heading to Utah this week for the Bronco Off-Rodeo event. Will learn all the cool shit I can do in my Bronco and probably find out about tons of cool mods to make it even better. Then I'll get home and do none of it. Maybe I'll get a rooftop...