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  1. Left a bad review for dealer

    You got your Bronco and dinged them in the review. Just move on from the whole experience and enjoy your new ride.
  2. Bronco on 20×9 BRINK Insurgent Wheels & 35″ Tires

    I love the stock look with a bit more aggressive tread. It is a winner! Congratulations. I wish we could go farther with it. Tall and skinny worked for the 1st Gen, I think it would kill it for the 6th gen.
  3. Michigan Assembly Sticker

    I like seeing it when I clean the front glass. Hope I never have to replace it.
  4. Bad leather seat

    Love my leather seats. Did you try any type of leather conditioner and a microfiber cloth? Looks like a scuff, not a defect in the leather.
  5. Past and Present Side by Side: 1970 & 2022 Broncos

    A matte black wrap on the hood would be interesting for the '22.
  6. Mabett is selling and developing hundreds of products

    Do you have a link, I can't find it on Amazon.
  7. Is this Too Much !

    When high school girls became the main wrangler demographic, this was inevitable.
  8. Mabett is selling and developing hundreds of products

    @Mabett Could you make a plastic trim piece to cover the pinch welds below the doors? I would think that a molded plastic (2 pieces if necessary for shipping length) could be fabricated and use the holes that are already there and use plastic push pin rivets. Be great if the rivets could be...
  9. Bronco Logo Courtesy Lights

    This would have been a perfect addition to the puddle lights by Ford. For <$20, they are a pretty neat novelty. Just got mine in the mail. Pfumisa 2Pcs Car Door Lights Projector for Ford Bronco,Wireless Car Door Paste Projector Logo Lights Led Logo Projector Lights : Automotive
  10. Anyone get this poster in the mail?

    Got the photograph poster today. Rodeo in Aug '21 and delivery Sept '21. A nice surprise.
  11. Bimini Tops??? Ford Mesh vs Ford Canvas (my22) vs aftermarket

    I'll be honest, I don't think I have ever had the situation where the sun came through that gap at just the right angle. Just popping the soft top up and down with no other actions is perfect for me.
  12. Quake LED Releases Ford Bronco Trail Sight Delete DRL Kit w/ Sequential Turn Signal and RGB Accenting QTE1199!

    Appears lots of folks like the trail sights. Rather than delete the trail sights, someone should come up with a bolt on lighting product with similar functionality. That would not infringe on the patten, keeps the tie down, and adds some form of lighting (signal, indicator, bling, etc.).
  13. Bronco 6th gen vs Bronco II

    I had an '88 Bronco II and loved it. One of those "wish I still had" vehicles. Would be nice to put it between my '75 and '21.
  14. Hood struts: which ones to get?

    I have had the standard Redlines for over a year with no issues. Easy install, great product. The label comes off easily to give you a clean look. I hate all of the advertising on aftermarket products.
  15. New product release: Dirtydog 4x4 Headliner for Soft Top

    They are based in Ft. Myers where Hurricane Ian blew threw last month. Drop them a note on their website, that seems to be the best way to reach them. I have a 1st gen Gearshade and one of the bungees broke and they shipped me a couple out to me, no problem.
  16. Sunglass storage alternatives?

    I like the grab handle zipper bag but I refuse to buy aftermarket products with ridiculous branding all over it. Hey @Mabett can you make this without a giant logo patch?
  17. Dashcam options?

    Since you have the dash USB, the setup that I have would probably work great. I have been using this for over a year with zero issues. I purchased the short USB cable on Amazon and stuck a 128 micro SD card in it and it does it's thing anytime the car is running. Totally automatic, I don't...
  18. I would buy this over a Bronco any day!

    Reminds me of 1978 when they slapped a topper on an F150 and called it a Bronco. No thanks on either.

    The charging pad works intermittently so I basically never use it and just plug in when I need it. The iphone 13 and 14 batteries last forever so I rarely need a charge anyway. This is one feature that was a fail since day 1.
  20. Hot Wheels Red Line Club Bronco diecast coming 2023

    Pretty close. New Matchbox "MOVING PARTS" just hit the pegs at Target and Walmart for $2.50: