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  1. Will brakes from Ranger Police Vehicle fit?

    Of all these OEM parts mentioned are any of them actually made by Ford? Severe duty fluids and pads are readily available for these parts probably made by the same OEM builders. I've lapped my Cobra until my arms were tired and never lost brakes. That is with stock calipers, 100% stainless steel...
  2. 47 PSI

    so much for dealer prep
  3. One brake already worn out?

    if your brake has been dragging your mileage would be shitty.
  4. Is this the most wood ever hauled INSIDE a 6th gen Bronco?

    While I'm relieved this isn't going to be a Tic-Tok challenge I probably would have gone to U-Haul and for the price of a trailer rental got a Maverick or similar for around $20.
  5. Navigator is useless

    yes but you can't use your phone as a bun warmer after arrival, toasty. :p
  6. Navigator is useless

    they don't want directions, want entertained lol
  7. Bronco comes to a full stop by itself

    similar results with lockers engaged on dry pavement.
  8. Steering wheel off-center

    alignment in your future? That'll fix you right up.
  9. Dealer warning from Ford and GM.

    Ford and GM have legal contracts with various dealers and those contracts have a finite life span. What little they can do must be within the agreements terms and lifetime. Allocations are what is most often mentioned as possible punishment. Trouble there is the buyer gets it the neck as...
  10. Werewolftech Portal Axle Gearbox Kit released

    lol, no baja speed with all that extra unsprung weight not to mention extra drive train hp loss.
  11. Will Ford install my new rims and tires to my Bronco when it arrives at dealer?

    lol don't get me started. shoes dude, shoes. edited
  12. Will Ford install my new rims and tires to my Bronco when it arrives at dealer?

    dealer shouldn't have a problem providing your news Shoes fall within Ford spec.
  13. I think Ford is confused.

    congratulations,, you've won the Bronco mega loto!!
  14. Moving Overseas, should I sell?

    I'll store it for ya, drop off the keys
  15. 2-door rear seat bolts available anywhere?

    diameter, thread pitch, length - hardware store
  16. Raising OEM Running Boards to cover pinch weld?

    or just paint then satin black
  17. Gas Prices [Admin Warning: NO POLITICS / GOVERNMENT Talk]

    $3.06 in Salem Ohio and $3.38 in Lorain Ohio two hours apart. Guess the Ohio refinery fire bump only applies further away.