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    Oh goodie, a launch pad. Hit the brakes hard, let alone a panic stop or hit something and see where your cargo goes...
  2. Bronco race vehicle burns down before racing in King of Hammers

    What, you don't like sitting on a turkey fryer?
  3. MIC Hard Top Wind Noise Reduction - 2023 Edition - Plus Bonus Fix for Bad Adhesive

    Yeah, I believe my leak at the rear clamshell is because the adhesive didn't bond the weatherstripping to the MIC fully. It allows water to get in behind the weatherstrip and then migrate over and leaks out inside.
  4. MIC leak, rear passenger at back clamshell

    Well, for anyone following along... Think I may have found the source of the leak. Inspected the seal along the whole rear clamshell. There is a section where it isn't adhered to the clamshell and it lets water under the seal. I poured a little water around it and sure enough in a little bit...
  5. MIC leak, rear passenger at back clamshell

    Welp, haven't been able to get it in to the dealer yet because of my schedule, but have things set up to take it in early next week. Did get a chance to do a little investigation on my own though. Didn't rain yesterday (yay!) so things were all dry. Removed the panels and did a visual of the...
  6. Gazelle Tents -T4 Plus

    Have had the Gazelle for a couple years now. Taken all the way down Baja, about to do it again. Have used it the snow. Sets up easy, take down is pretty easy too. It's bulky, but not too bad
  7. MIC leak, rear passenger at back clamshell

    Will do, out of town right now but will get you info when I get back Thx!
  8. MIC leak, rear passenger at back clamshell

    This is the 2nd time I've had it happen, first time wasn't as much of a leak and it was after we had considerable snow and an ice storm so I wrote it off to that. I'll probably take the mid section off and have another look before I bring it in. Would like to have some first knowledge of...
  9. MIC leak, rear passenger at back clamshell

    I think I've seen others with this leak, not sure when though. Definitely at the seam between the rear clamshell and the mid section. I have removed and reseated the mid section, curious if others have had this issue and there's an easy fix or have to go through the hassle of dealing with...
  10. Gaia Freezing Issue???

    Off-line maps or drawing them down as needed? Gaia has been acting wonky for me the past few days, both on devices and on my PC
  11. Gas Prices Are Still Dropping With No Signs Of Stopping.

    Paid $3.07 on Sunday in Cle Elum, WA (central cascades), just paid $3.34 at the same place. Still almost $1.50 cheaper than in the Seattle area
  12. So 4A is not what I had thought...

    Yeah, 4L unlocks the fun stuff. It also has the benefit of helping with lower auto transmission temps. May not be as much of an issue with these vehicles but in my '96 3g 4runner it lowers them by ~30 degrees. Sucks on the fuel mileage though...
  13. So 4A is not what I had thought...

    I believe you can only lock the front in 4L. In Mud/Ruts it defaults to 4H, but you probably can put it into 4L
  14. Sport mode and 4A engagement

    I think where people misunderstand the 4A Slippery mode is that it doesn't say 4A is the only 4 wheel drive mode available, it just says it's the default with an Advanced 4x4 Transfer Case. While 2H is not available in Slippery, 4A (default), 4H, and 4L are all available. If you had it in 4H...
  15. Ken Block Dies In Snowmobile Accident 💔

    Awesome talent. Just watched a documentary on his 2022 Chase of the North American Rally Championship. Such a loss
  16. Snow Chains for my Sasquatch ? Anyone Else Use these.

    Check the inside of the wheel. That's where the clearance is important so they don't rip out brake lines, ABS sensors, etc. and/or hang up on the upper control arm.
  17. Dumb a$$ drivers

    I had an idiot come around a corner to fast in fresh snow. Somehow I avoided him but ended up in ditch sitting on my frame rails. No wheel contact, no movement. He slid off the road too about 200 yards down. He had shovel furiously trying to dig himself out. Had someone stop and pulled me. Don't...
  18. Post your Bomb Cyclone mega snow storm Bronco pics 🌨️ 🌬️

    and that's after it's already gone through the PNW