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  1. Bonnie6G

    Colorado Bronco Club

    When I got rear-ended last year I used Caliber Collision. They were super easy to work with, and provided estimate and work progress updates via email and text.
  2. Colorado KMC Lobo Wheels (set of 5)

    Hello, I’m looking to move some wheels I ordered for my rig, but decided to go another way. These are KMC Lobo wheels, 17”x8.5” with +18 offset, TPMS not included. The savvy wheel buyer might say, “wait, those don’t come in chrome?!” Well I had these custom powder coated chrome. There’s a...
  3. Need Help Picking Wheels

    Edit: I've got my results. Gonna stick with the AR Outlaws for now. As I've mentioned here before, my goal for my rig build has always been on old school vibe. I've had hell trying to find wheels with at least +18 offset and chrome that have an old school feel. I originally purchased the...
  4. New White Grille by Maxlider

    Sweet! Now do chrome!!
  5. Louisiana Grab handle trade -- OUTER BANKS for your BADLANDS?

    I’d trade the vent clips, but I’ve already covered my handles with vinyl.
  6. LOD OFFROAD! Destroyer Tire Carrier

    Damn. I didn’t notice that in their photos. I haven’t installed mine yet. Is there a way to modify it you think?
  7. HOW TO: MagSafe Wireless Charger Install in Factory Location - DIY

    I’m not sure which package might have what. I got the Lux package, and the base piece comes out from the console, but the Ford charger is permanently attached to the bottom of that base piece. Or rather, the top piece of the charger IS the base piece that fits in the console well.
  8. HOW TO: MagSafe Wireless Charger Install in Factory Location - DIY

    10-4. I got excited thinking there was a way to remove the charging block from the well bottom panel. Yes, it needs a hole saw, but if replacing the lux, then you have to replace the well bottom panel as well and drill a hole in the replacement panel.
  9. HOW TO: MagSafe Wireless Charger Install in Factory Location - DIY

    Awesome. Do you have a part number handy for the blank base piec you ordered?
  10. AR | BRONCO CLASSIC DNA Fender Badge

    Is there any opportunity to swap colors of the square model name area? I have a badlands but would REALLY prefer to not have orange as a background color.
  11. Painted Sasquatch Fender Flares & Wildtrak Grille -- finished & installed

    Look great, and good luck with rock chips on those flares.
  12. AR | BRONCO CLASSIC DNA Fender Badge

    Absolutely following….
  13. Need help with keypad programming. *UPDATE- All good!

    No, I’m waiting on a few other parts to come in to the dealership and I’ll have them do it for me with the other fixes and oil change.
  14. Jack options?

    I second the Safe Jack.

    Just some feedback here, you may want to look at your website’s functionality on mobile. It’s impossible to filter the wheel selection without clicking out of the popup or on the sign/up chat function area.
  16. Pics from Bronco Celebration West Buena Vista - add yours!

    Tincup-Cumberland-Hancock trail ride:
  17. Well that didn't got as planned... hit on the way to Home Depot

    Oof. Hope all it needs is an alignment and some paint. I got rear-ended in June and am still waiting on parts to get my rig back.
  18. My Bronco Died Today, Deep Into a Remote Trail [Fuel Pump Failure]

    Totally understood. Just ping me if you need a driver or a shuttle or whatever. There is a jeep rental place in BV. I don’t know if they have any models that could work for you (towing, fam, etc.), but it’s there.
  19. My Bronco Died Today, Deep Into a Remote Trail [Fuel Pump Failure]

    Im still shaking my head that this happened man. Can’t even imagine the headache you’re dealing with at the moment given tows and rentals are all 2 hours away. One note I thought of is that there are plenty of folks with flat beds at Super Cel. Might be able to find one willing to lend it...