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  1. 2022 Bronco Raptor Height & Width Calculated Using Images

    Thought I’d love the Bronco Raptor, but it’s a little too over the top for my taste. May be just me, but it looks goofy with the bottom-half twice as wide as the top-half of the vehicle. Sasquatch is perfect IMO.
  2. Why is Dealer Allocation even a thing?

    🤦🏻‍♂️ Instead of parroting what you heard, maybe step back and think about this one for a second. Without actual customers like me, do you think Ford keeps building vehicles?
  3. Another blown 2.7 engine on a Bronco

    The tow truck has a 310 area code and that sorta looks like Airport Marina Ford to me, but it’s hard to tell. If that is AMF, though, they’ve had 4-6 Broncos at all times just sitting there since at least August. They wouldn’t let me test drive even the base four door, just to see what a soft...
  4. sold my Bronco - Getting back in line

    You didn’t really lose much here, you sold a four door soft top non-Sasquatch vehicle with a Bronco badge on it.
  5. Build and price not allowing 4 door Sasquatch

    Be cooler if B&P stopped accepting all more doors but I digress.
  6. Just Ordered 2022 - Wildtrak Sasquatch - What Should I Expect Now?

    They’re keeping the “my dealer said” joke alive, I see. Your dealers are lying or, at best, pulling crap out of their behind and handing it to you.
  7. Bronco November 2021 Sales & Production Numbers: 8,287 Sold / 10,504 Produced

    For those keeping score at home, FE’s will make up about one-quarter of all 2021 Bronco sales.
  8. Chonky Broncy Build - 4-Door Badlands on 37's - UPDATED

    Can we get a rule that says No More Four Door Soft Top threads? How about a rule that says No More Oversized Tires with Bronze Wheel threads? I think we’re good on those type of threads already.
  9. Goose gear 2-door "stealth sleep" seat delete

    I don’t know for sure but I’m curious, as well. I don’t have the GG setup but I did remove the seats a while ago, and I did like most: remove and tuck the seat belt respectables under the carpet. Not sure if the respectable would sit too proud of the floor such that the plate system isn’t...
  10. Video: Bill @ Evilletruck goes full send and breaks his Bronco

    The horn honking is not due to a “super sensitive horn.” The horn honked because the driver didn’t shuffle the steering wheel properly.
  11. Cleaning Mud (I hate it) .. how/where to clean your rig after an outing?

    I wouldn’t let those guys wash my truck. Guess we have different standards. GLTA.
  12. Cleaning Mud (I hate it) .. how/where to clean your rig after an outing?

    I wouldn’t be worried about harming paint in the undercarriage, but a regular hose shoots enough water to work just fine under there as well.
  13. Ford Navigation map issues

    Connected. They’re both called connected, btw, just the 3 year one is called connected built-in. I don’t understand why we would think there’s a difference in functionality when Ford says there isn’t a difference but I’ll look at the thread. I similarly don’t understand why this thread assumes...
  14. Cleaning Mud (I hate it) .. how/where to clean your rig after an outing?

    Not true and actually really bad advice for a caked vehicle. Use a regular hose, soap and a good rag, folks. Don’t be lazy.
  15. Ford Navigation map issues

    Thats not what Ford said. Where is this info found? Thanks!
  16. Ford Navigation map issues

    Ford says this is how their navigation works and it’s not true. You will get a blank screen well before you reach anything “wild.” Downloading maps beforehand in All Trails, or similar app, is the way to go.
  17. $1K Bronco Customer Satisfaction is a SHAM!!

    I love reading these type of threads, just to see how many accounts on here are actually dealers. No one provides cover for car salesmen like B6G.
  18. First Bronco Adventure @ Moab - Elephant Hill Road, Needles District, Canyonland National Park

    These FE owners sure love making “first” a misnomer. “First” edition NOPE “First” in Moab NOPE
  19. DIY dremel solution - how to mount Ford Front Mudflaps on Sasquatch with Step Bars

    Mud flaps are nearly as pervasive as scripts on four doors. 🤦🏻‍♂️