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  1. LESS HATE, MORE LOVE GUYS (and ladies)

    IDK man, that's a pretty pimpin' ride. It'd never survive in your neck of the woods, but a warm climate state for sure! I'd take it if someone was giving it to me. :D
  2. Welp...

    I agree. I'm not sure why people are cancelling. You're only helping Ford and the dealer by giving back. That truck is still on order and the dealer will pull it in and sell it (probably over MSRP). My suggestion for those of you who are done (and I don't blame you): 1. Keep your Bronco on...
  3. Somehow got the tow package for free

    That's great! But check your window sticker.
  4. Paid $3620 under MSRP yesterday for my WildTrack SAS

    No, but it sounds like she's got some cash!
  5. Mabett is selling and developing hundreds of products

    Please don't fleece us with a Bronco tax and make them nearly $600 for a set of 4.
  6. Wildtrak (bolt on party)

    That is a SUPER BAD ASS Build!
  7. . [Closed due to abandonment by OP]

    LOL that's the best isn't it? 🤦‍♂️
  8. Where in the world is my Bronco???

    Yeah I was joking, but I'm sure it does happen. I shake my head at things like this. How does the Manufacturer and Dealer not know where a vehicle is? That's money sitting out there. Good luck on your journey. I hope it comes home soon. SMH @Ford
  9. Where in the world is my Bronco???

    Probably showed up at your dealer and was sold for 15k ADM fee to someone else.
  10. My OBX is Finally Here!

    Nice job, she's a beauty for sure!
  11. . [Closed due to abandonment by OP]

    😂 This made me LOL for real!
  12. Ford Nav renew

    I did my Nav updates yesterday - check it out.
  13. Find member “bravely” his Bronco!!

    I think he might be offline. Maybe PM him the thread?
  14. Find member “bravely” his Bronco!!

    Nice... first glance it's slim pickins out there my friend.
  15. Find member “bravely” his Bronco!!

    Nice job. I'm looking too. Respect to you sir!