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  1. New option! 2022 Wildtrak HOSS 3.0 with Fox Internal Bypass

    Very true. Interesting regarding forescan...I guess a perk of having a 2021 MY.
  2. New option! 2022 Wildtrak HOSS 3.0 with Fox Internal Bypass

    I'm agree. To my point Wildtrak differences were only cosmetic preferences (particulary given forescan can get you any of the GOAT modes you desire) not performance or capability differences hence some of the "disdain". Similarly equipped other models reached the same price level and...
  3. New option! 2022 Wildtrak HOSS 3.0 with Fox Internal Bypass

    Not sure it's hatred for most but until now with this upgraded suspension option there was nothing performance-wise that made the Wildtrak special. It was really a Badlands w/Sasquatch that didn't have the swaybar disconnect but was touted as the top trim. It was really just cosmetic items...
  4. Occupancy Weight Sensors In Seats?

    I stand corrected. Interesting wrinkle in ordering for sure.
  5. Occupancy Weight Sensors In Seats?

    Okay...yes that is what I meant when I said it is likely a glitch in the B&P. Others with a BB may be able to confirm. Transmission selection should not limited trim package selection.
  6. Occupancy Weight Sensors In Seats?

    Big Bend can get the Mid package just nothing above that. Heated seats would come with the Mid and is unaffected by transmission choice. Unless something changed with MY22 but I doubt they limited the BB to only standard package. Sorry if there is something obvious I'm missing but a manual...
  7. Occupancy Weight Sensors In Seats?

    7 speed manual does not impact what trim packages (standard/mid/high/lux) you can get. Only the model (Big Bend, Badlands etc) limits what packages are available. If using the B&P on the site and it is telling you that it is likely a glitch.
  8. Badlands height vs Raptor

    Yeah I get it. My 6 year old has to get in by himself for school pickup and he can do it but barely. 4 year old still needs help getting in but isn't in school yet so not an issue.
  9. Badlands height vs Raptor

    Not sure exactly but Raptor looks to have a nice step attached to the rock rail so it might be easier or the same effort as a Badlands Sasquatch which only has the rock rails. Of course you could always swap on a step if you don't care about the clearance/protection. Honestly my Badlands...
  10. ARB Compressor Engine Bay Mount from KR Off-Road (NOW SHPIPING)

    Let us know where you decide to mount the relocation kit. I was thinking about the front bumper but there isn't enough room that I can see on the Modular bumper since it is tucked so close to the grill. Areas that it might fit seem to be boxed in areas of the bumper.
  11. Wow uhm uh😳. Hmmmm I have mine like right now did they deliver me the wrong one. Yikes😬

    Assembly line pictures have been getting sent in batches the last couple of months. Not surprising to see you got yours delivered before the picture was emailed.
  12. Whose 2.7 is running strong with no issues?

    21209....no issues with 3500 miles on it.
  13. JcrOffroad Fold down molle table has been released!

    If the fixed lid seals to the tailgate at the same level I dont see why not. Here are a couple pictures of mine. Tough to get the perfect angle but you can see the seal from my enclosure below the softtop frame is compared to the table. When closed the table is very close but has just enough...
  14. JcrOffroad Fold down molle table has been released!

    Yes very hard to get them in and get the front lip inside the molle base. I had to walk away for a break after about 20 minutes of unsuccessful attempts. Got it later with help from a 2nd pair of hands to hold it while I "tapped" it in with rubber mallet. Definetly a tight fit that takes some...
  15. DIY - ARB Twin Compressor Install using KR Off-Road Engine Bay Mount

    Purple wire from the ARB harness to the Aux switch wire of your choosing. Instructions provided with the bracket do a good job of explaining. Most of the other harnesses/wires are unnecessary unless connecting to air lockers/ARB switch.
  16. Which Compressor should I get?

    Since the portable is the ARB single I would think it would fit. Are you planning on hard mounting it? The Ford package is mounted to the box I would think and comes with cables that hook directly to the battery when needed. Personally I would just buy the pump somewhere else and wire it if...
  17. Which Compressor should I get?

    Nice. I was looking at possibly adding a quick connect on the front bumper but not seeing a lot of room since the Modular bumper is tucked pretty tight and I currently have the end caps off. I cleaned up my wire harness last night to eliminate all the unnecessary connections as well. Hoping...
  18. Which Compressor should I get?

    Haha...can't say I didn't prefer it that way as well because the label looked better. Back on task....I feel that the ARB twin is the gold standard for onboard air. I do have the single on my TJ (which I believe is likely the Ford Performance kit compressor)but is has smaller tires so the twin...
  19. Which Compressor should I get?

    I have seen a lot of install pics facing the firewall. However, their website shows it with the chuck facing the grill so that's what I went with. Instructions didn't specify from what I could see. Any thoughts @4x4TruckLEDs.com ?
  20. Which Compressor should I get?

    Curious..did you install yours with the connection toward the firewall for a particular reason? Installed mine facing the front but haven't wired yet so wondering if there was a reason before I do wire it the way I have it now.