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  1. Diesel engine swap options?

    Late to it but party on. 20 years after a domestic gas only vehicle ceases production you can legally import the foreign diesel version. Think LR Defenders from Spain. Is it worth it, even to go diesel in an available SUV such as Jaguar F-type where combined diesel rating is 29 mpg and gas is...
  2. Entry keypad - wireless? adhered with double sided tape?

    Better than leaving it on the door and removing the doors - how the heck do you unlock it if you didn't store the driver door behind the rear seat? I have never seen the purpose of these, hardwired, wireless or even carried in your pocket. It's been 50 years since my last college math but you...
  3. Ordering and Postponing The Actual Purchase of Bronco

    Roll the dice. There are original reservation holders from 2020 who converted to orders in January 2021 still do not have their vehicle and to date they are only out $100 2 and 3. If you are gonna wait for massive recalls on what ate not at level of recall status but ate fixed under warranty...
  4. Double Beep while key is in the truck

    I get the random message of "No Key" when key is in my pocket and I get back in running vehicle but no sounds
  5. Broncos Not Selling —> Dealers Moving (Broncos) to Auction?

    FWIW, they also have two Bronco Sports and a Base Bronco, you could buy both Sports for the price of the Wildtrack and you double you immediately double your fleet size.
  6. Broncos Not Selling —> Dealers Moving (Broncos) to Auction?

    Jumping straight to the end (or middle depending on how long this thread gers) What I have seen is non Ford dealers selling, or attempting to sell, used Broncos at above msrp. Would you pay $63211 for a 2022 2 dr Wildtrack with 911 milesrom a Toyota dealer? If so I will hook you up for a fee.
  7. Fox News reported on the Ford Bronco $2,500 order change offer

    You are missing the point that 90% of reporter opinion on Fox is presented as fact.
  8. Fox News reported on the Ford Bronco $2,500 order change offer

    So it is/was only a rumor until it was on Fox, really? Or, since it IS on Fox maybe it's not true.
  9. Whats the difference between FE and Heritage Limited?

    FE is 2021 (maybe a few carryover but shouldn't be otherwise what the heck does First mean?) Heritage is 2022 and only if they got built
  10. Edit: Forum members helped me find a Bronco!

    Update your thread title to your success
  11. Possible to retrofit ACC?

    ACC is definitely sweer, especially when traveling through work zones. It will slow you down maybe a little faster than the guys behind you might like but it certainly is great at keeping a steady distance behind the person in front of you all with no feet on the pedals. But I would not...
  12. Really impressed with Bronco towing vehicle trailer (using custom hitch built for strength)

    It can do it but don't let Ford see you or they will void your warranty. 3500# includes trailer and load. A 3600# minivan on s 500 # trailer and better hope nothing breaks cause you will be paying out of pocket. And renting a Uhaul only works if you have a hardtop. Company policy no trailers...
  13. HELP! Auction Bronco For Sale Question

    At one time no vehicle imported into PR had heater let alone defrost. That has changed with even Kia Forteco.ing factory AC. Buy it if price is right AND it is not a FL flood from hurricane car. That is o e thing that would make me think.twice about any vehicle that was in FL then orcoadtal...
  14. Bronco Sport Opinions

    "Thing" was the VW reintroduce of the kimmelwickwagen lol
  15. Current Bronco owners-help us out

    29,000 miles seat time so far. OBX 4 Dr Lux advanced. Non SAS. Dual top given up for soft only and able to put said 29k miles under its belt. $2500 would go for heated steering wheel, lol but necessary where I live.
  16. FIXED!! Windows catching on weatherstripping when opening -- It's not what you think.

    The windows are supposed to drop but I surmise ONLY for clearance when closing. It certainly could have been an easy engineering feat to have the windows drop the INSTANT you touch the door handle to unlock, not AFTER you start opening the door. Just my 2 cents @Ford Motor Company BTW the...
  17. FIXED!! Windows catching on weatherstripping when opening -- It's not what you think.

    Just have to say... If the windows do not need to close up under the weatherstripping at the top then why in blazes do they even need to drop? Not for air pressure compensation
  18. Alright Ford you broke me - question for soft top owners

    Not true in all Broncos. It could just be my hearing but it seems as if the right side of vehicle allows more noise to enter than left. It may be an adjustment to roof needed as it may not seal the same on each side but honestly in the 27,000 miles I have driven I have not had the downtime to...
  19. Alright Ford you broke me - question for soft top owners

    It's coming from the east end of Lake Erie. You can get the same snow intrusion in a sealed up house when it is minus 17 and 70 mph winds